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What are some good tank mates for dwarf gouramis? (Answer this one, not the previous one, please!!!)?

I was wondering if I could keep dwarf gouramis and guppies together? If not, then what would be some nice tank mates for them? I'm either getting a 10 or 20 gal tank.

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    Keep one dwarf gourami to the tank. Males are the bright colorful ones (normally the only ones stocked) femals are silverish and dull in color. Males will fight, so keep one. You can keep them with Guppies, platies, mollies, small tetras (neon, black neon, glo-lights, silver tipped etc). basic community fish will do well with them.

    Source(s): Personal experience, research, and keeping my own tanks
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    Actually, you are pretty safe with anything other then cichlids and goldfish. Dwarf gouramis will chase other fish out of their 'space', but once they leave the area, they are fine. I would suggest a betta and a pair of mollies.


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    i'd get only one and that stocks you. 10 gallons is amazingly small to artwork with and also you do not have room to keep better than one. if you're searching to keep one male and 2 females you'll opt for no longer some thing below 20 gallons and those will be perfect on my own contained in the tank. :]

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    I've got corys with my dwarfs..been doing good for over a year now.

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    Ask the fish person at a Petshop. They would know.

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    please check out this fish forum:

    bettachris is a labyrith expert and is more than willing to help you, or another member will.

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