What R the guidlines 4 staff @ Womens Resource Centers?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month...

What types of alliences do the shelters have with communities?

Why can't they be references for employment? Why dont they have a program such as tanf in which they find/assist in finding employement? Why do they offer overwhelming options, yet donot "guide"? Why dont they have a "deal" with public transits? Why arent there emts/Drs/etc to check the women who come in? What kind of follow-up do they do when a woman leaves? Why do they seem to push them out the door? Is there a "watchdog" group overseeing the ways they operate? Would it be United Way? Why does a woman have only 5 days to report a "beating"?

What about the women who have been isolated past that time by their abuser? No legal action is alowed ? If they are an advocate for the abused women, in what respect other than the courtroom or why is that it?

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    All over the country, battered victims’ advocates, government officials, corporations, unions, health care providers, and faith-based groups will participate in activities and events to raise national consciences about domestic violence. This event takes place throughout the whole of October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

    Although anyone can become a victim of domestic violence or intimate partner violence (IPV), women are still more likely to experience IPV than men. People from all economic and cultural backgrounds can be subjected to domestic violence.

    Sadly, children are often the direct or indirect victims. Just witnessing violence impacts children’s lives, especially as it usually takes place at home, a place where children should feel safe. If children have been exposed to domestic violence, it increases the chances that they will take on the role of either a “batterer” or a “victim” in their adult relationships. Abuse can seem “normal” to youth who witness it in their own homes.

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