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Have you ever heard of "TnAp" (Turkish National Artificial Products? Apparently they are giving away money.

I received a check in the amount of $939.00 from a Steven S Miller drawn on Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. I called Wells Fargo to see if the account number was good, and learned that it was missing a digit, therefore it would not clear. Has anyone ever heard of these people?

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    Yes, so did I. For the exact amount as well, but from a citibank in California. I havent checked to see if its legit yet, but I will kepp u updated

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    I received this with most of the same information as many of you have. It was dated for 09/28/2006 and it says its from Epping, NH. I haven't gotten up with Wells Fargo or anybody but I am glad I found this, I am sure its a scam, it was for the same amount here ($939) so yeah, and it never did include a letter (which is what made me skeptical and ask my bank.)

    BTW... They said (my bank said) its got to be a scam cause, 1, somebody already came there with the same check and question and 2, look at the post stamp (its mailed from OVERSEAS... yet it says that the check is from within' the USA.)

    Hopefully the scam will be caught.

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    i received a check a few days ago as well for $939. I called the bank it was drawn on to see if it was good, and they could only tell me that there is an account open.

    I also received an email from this company with weird instructions about wiring the money (less 10% for my trouble and any service charges) to someone in Russia. I haven't done anything with this. I sent a reply back to the company - they said they were sending me a contract to review, but i haven't received that. They also stressed it would be a lot easier to send this by going to a check cashing company to get cash to wire, instead of using my personal checking account.

    Very suspicious and bizarre.

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    I received a check in the same amount (could the Universe truly provide money out of the blue??? - not likely) ; checked my email and lo and behold there were two poorly written emails from Frank Robery detailing how I was to cash the check, take 10%, then forward the remaining money via Western Union...

    Three senarios came to mind: 1> Check bounces, lots of bank fees, blah, blah, blah; 2> Money laundering? If the check is real, where (and for what purpose?) does this money go; 3> No real senario or theory - just too good to be true...

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    yes! I too just yesterday received a check from them in the same amount of $939.00. I took it to my bank Wells Fargo to deposit the check but was informed the account # is missing a digit. I went online to do some research about them & found your question.

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    yes i received a 939.00 check and i tried to cash it at a local check cashing place and they told me the check was real but the company are scammers so don't become a victim of it his name is Steven S Miller 4475 S Pecos Rd Las Vegas Nevada

    the check says it's from Wells Fargo bank N.A my check was dated 09/28/2006 so don't fall for they scam call the BBB and have the hunt them crooks down

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    Wow, I'm so glad I googled "Turkish National Artificial Products". I also received a check for the same $939. written on Citibank in CA. The name on the check was Ji Won Lee, address 101 Memorial Pkwy, Thousand Oaks, CA 91960. Eventhough the zip code doesn't excist, it should be 91930 (don't know if that means anything).

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    I have received one too from a Steven Miller and continually getting emails from a "Ralph". I deposited the $939.00 in my account and waiting to see if it clears. If it does, they can forget about me transferring the money anywhere. I am going to report this to the local authorities though.

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    I received one as well but it was Sherman W Miller Trust DTD and was on Wells Fargo, they said the account is valid but I'm not finish investigating.

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    I have not heard of them until they emailed me saying they found my resume on and so I gave them my info to start sending me checks...I just got the information about the first client and I guess I am supposed to be receiving one any day now. I am not sure if it is all real or not, something tells me it probably isn't and they are all a hoax. It sounds too good to be true. Let me know if you find out anything further. I found your question because I went to google and typed in "TNAP" because I was curious to find out if it was a hoax....

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    We got a check for the same amount with the same information on it we took it to the bank and they photographed it as well. We were then told through an e-mail that we were supposed to cash it and send it to Russia though Western union. My advice take it to the police with any other information you have on it.

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