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what the hell does "ditto" mean??! I see it in chats all the time....?

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    dit·to Pronunciation (dt)

    n. pl. dit·tos

    1. The same as stated above or before.

    2. A duplicate; a copy.

    3. A pair of small marks ( " ) used to indicated that the word, phrase, or figure given above is to be repeated.

    Word History: Ditto, which at first glance seems a handy and insignificant sort of word, actually has a Roman past, for it comes from dictus, "having been said," the past participle of the verb dcere, "to say." In Italian dcere became dire and dictus became detto, or in the Tuscan dialect ditto. Italian detto or ditto meant what said does in English, as in the locution "the said story." Thus the word could be used in certain constructions to mean "the same as what has been said"; for example, having given the date December 22, one could use 26 detto or ditto for 26 December. The first recorded use of ditto in English occurs in such a construction in 1625. The sense "copy" is an English development, first recorded in 1818. Ditto has even become a trademark for a duplicating machine.

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    This come from the Ditto Machine a machine used to make identical copies. So the word Ditto became to me the same. It also is the " mark you use under a sentence to show repeating text.

    The Ditto machine

    The ditto machine is infamous in education. Students enrolled in public school all across the province during the 1940s up to the 1980s clearly remember the freshly copied handouts made on a ditto machine. Many students would take the ditto copy and smell the strong scent of cleaning fluid that often reminded you of an alcoholic relative!

    The ditto machine used a slick paper with a heavy ink carbon paper. You wrote or typed on the front page, and the image was impressed on the back of the sheet.

    Object: Rotary Neostyle Ditto Machine

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    It means exactly what you said. Ditto means copy. Like a ditto sheet. Like if someone says I Love you and someone else says "Ditto" It means I love you, too.

    Source(s): The Movie "Ghost"
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    "Ditto" means the same to you. If you tell someone very special to you that you love them, they may say "ditto", which means they love you too. If you are having a bad day, they may say "ditto" because they are also having a bad day. It's just a goofy little slur.

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    It means "the same thing". Way back in the olden days, paper copies were made on a "ditto machine".

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    january 1st

    " 2nd

    ditto a word for the 2 dots that mean as above,

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    what the hell does "ditto" mean??! I see it in chats all the time....?

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    If I put Yes and then yes underneath rather than write yes I may put ditto so




    It means the same as above

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    It's from the movie "Ghost" with Patrick Swayzey and Demi Moore. When ever Demi's character would say "I love you", Patrick's character would say "Ditto"... it basically means "I do too" or "me too".

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    I agree. So, I ditto the other answers.

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