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翻譯英文 英翻中 急急急

請真正會的人翻 不要奇摩字典

一 A beam raising ceremony was held this morning for the Taipei Financial Center, which has already withstood two large-scale earthquakes and four fires while under construction. Upon completion it will be the highest skyscraper in the world. Aside from being the highest building, many other superlatives will be heaped upon the edifice.

二 This new building can be seen from all angles around the city; when it is completed it will not only be a landmark for Taipei, but a symbol of the island’s commitment to the global market place.

三 An emergency meeting was called today with top SARS fighter Lee Ming-liang and other experts to analyze any further SARS developments.

四 The area has been cleared of illegal fish traps, which has made it the beautiful spot it is now. The area around the sea has also been cleared of campsites, sprucing up the Da Peng National Park scenic area

五 Coffee is no longer a simple beverage; coffee is now being drunk while conducting business and in social intercourse. As a cup of coffee yields about 80% gross profit, the Taipei area is seeing 30 new shops opening every month. The market has a lot of potential as approximately 500,000 cups of java are downed in Taipei everyday.

六 Legislators severely criticized the Ministry of Education’s plan to bring in 400 overseas English teachers for primary schools in Taiwan. They said the over $160 million NT budget earmarked for the plan would be better spent training local teachers and creating employment opportunities for them

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