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常常為了要交出一份作業 但是又寫不出個所以然 只好用敷衍了事的態度來解決.

我認為老師可以盡量在課堂上就讓我們學習多說英文 以有趣的方式 如 玩遊戲啊 看影片聽英樂等等

讓我們可以在學習中多說英文 而不是回家想破頭的找一大堆資料卻都沒有吸收進腦袋裡

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think the English level in our class is totally different. Teacher often take more care of those who's level are higher. Because that it would be a stress for those who's level are lower to give presentation. It happens when we're going to hand in an assignment, we'd be perfunctory to finish it because we don't have enough idea. In my opinion, we should have more chance to speak Enlish in class. And we can play games, watch movies, and listen to music to learn more about English. That way, we can learn English more rather than thinking by ourselves and turn out to be nothing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I thought in the class schoolmate's English degree difference very are many often teacher to look after all is the degree good student.

    Sometimes because must come on stage the report regarding the degree difference student is one pressure.

    Must hand over a work in order to but frequently not to be able to write the manner which a reason why has to use to scuffle to solve.

    I thought teacher may as far as possible let us in the classroom study said English like plays the game by the interesting way to look the movie listens to England happy and so on

    But enable us to be possible to speak English in the study is not goes home wants to break the head to look for a big pile of material all not to absorb in actually the head

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