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    出發不久意外發生了,一個同學載著一個女同學,不小心在下坡山路滑倒了,而且就在遊覽車前,Shortly after departure, the accident happened. The motorcycle of a classmate and his female passenger slid out of control and turned over on the downhill mountain road. It happened right in front of a tour bus.所幸的,遊覽車及時停下,女同學呆坐在路中間,趕緊的拉她到路旁,好險 Fortunately, the tour bus stopped just in time. The female passenger sat mindlessly in the middle of the road. We had to pull her off the street. That was close! 就這樣在路旁休息了一會兒,到下一個鎮上找衛生所來擦藥,還好只是小擦傷。So we rested by the road for a while, and went to the public sanitation office of a nearby town for some treatment. Luckily they were only minor scrapes and bruises

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