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Game Development?

I am interested in Game Development.Very Comfortable with C/C++, graphics algos.Basics of Win32. Can do simple object Models in 3dsMax, Texture mapping, lighting etc. Started of with OpenGL. Doing Eng, 3rd year. How should i proceed so i can see myself in the Industry ??

Is it seriously neccessary to do a Masters in Game Dev??

Right now, what could i look into to get my first games up and running ??

For DirectX, should i be using VB .NET or VC++ ???

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    Others have pointed you to some good resources, so I'll address other issues.

    Getting a degree from a video game school often has the opposite result than what you'd expect -- companies are often wary of hiring such graduates. Part of the problem comes from the reputation of some older video game schools, but the main issue is that companies want somebody more rounded. Getting a full Computer Science bachelor's degree provides with all of the intellectual horsepower you need to do games, but also to do much more, making you a more attractive prospect (similarly, a traditional art degree is better than a video game-specific art degree, because it shows that you're more well-rounded and learned the theory behind the art rather than just how to use Photoshop and 3dsMax). A degree is not strictly required, but if you have one or can get one it's a great help.

    The biggest thing that companies will look at is your portfolio. That means you need to have several games under your belt and presentable (or many different pieces of art, for an artist). Even if companies didn't care about your portfolio, it's still a good idea to build one because there are a lot of things you'll only learn by doing rather than just reading about.

    It sounds like you already have the basics under your belt. If you know or are learning OpenGL, I'd stick with that for now. You'll still need to pick up some DirectX for non-graphic bits (or another similar platform, like SDL), since OpenGL just does graphics (not input, networking, audio, etc). I'd start out with building simple games. Write clones of minesweeper, solitaire, pac-man, tetris, break-out, etc. While you're learning, don't worry about making your own unique games. You'll get there soon enough.

    As for DirectX, you should definitely use VC++. If you want to try your hand at Managed DirectX, I'd recommend you learn C# and try out the new XNA Game Studio Express from Microsoft.

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    It sounds like you already know everything you need to know? You sure as heck don't need a college degree to tell you what you already know. I learned that the hard way. Just write some games man!! I hate DirectX. I write everything using OpenGL and SDL. Screw Microsoft.

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