How do you make a degree symbol on a computer?

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go find a picture of a degree sign in an internet article and copy it onto where u need it
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  • geml0vely888 answered 8 years ago
    Alt + 0176
    or & deg ; (except put it together)
    && make sure your NUM is LOCKED when trying the ALT + 0176

    this is how it looks like with the ALT method --- º

    this is how it looks like the with & deg ; method --- °

    hope that helps!
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  • *:.Ojos Verdes.:* answered 8 years ago
    Press Alt and will still pressing it type in 0176

    Alt + 0176 = °
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  • Countessa answered 8 years ago
    ALT+0176 That is hold down the ALT key while sequentially pressing 0176 on the numeric keypad on the right. After the 6, release the ALT key. Or you could use the character map.
    Like this: °
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  • laurajayne21 answered 8 years ago
    ° degree sign

    HTML Name Code - &4deg; - Take out the 4

    HTML Number Code - &$#176; - Take out the $

    MacOS - option - shift - 8

    Windows - Alt + 0176


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  • Clarkie answered 8 years ago
    Press ALT key and on the calculator keyboard on the right press 1-6-7.
    º See?
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  • Angela answered 3 months ago
    type a normal lower case 'o' - then highlight it, and click Format, then Character, then Position and choose Superscript.
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  • phlatulent_phrog answered 8 years ago
    If all else fails, you can superscript a small "o", but you should be able to find a degree symbol in your extended character set (the command would be Insert, Symbol). I'm sure there is also an alt-code for it too but I don't know what it is offhand.
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  • Graham H answered 8 years ago
    open the character map and you can copy and paste every symbol including those not on the keyboard and including °
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  • lazydaisy answered 8 years ago
    on a Mac OS X version 10.3.9, go to the flag on the toolbar and click on "Show Character Palette" and then find the degree symbol under punctuation, if you have that computer but the flag isnt on the toolbar, go to system prefs, international, then click on input menu and then check the box next to character palette to get it to show up
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