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Please tell ALL you know about Alaskan Huskies.?

We saved one from the pound on death row in June. She had 'kennal cough'. She's since been healed, but it took awhile.

When it was 90 degrees outside, she feigned 'being so hot' so my hubby permitted her in the cool garage with the big fan on. I told him she was playing him like a fiddle.

Now it's Oct., and last night we had a T/Storm, and she begged to come into the house, because she was 'afraid'. I told hubby, next, she'll be sleeping on the bed! He said 'no', but I said 'look at how she's wormed her way straight into the living room!' Hubby said, 'well, she's still sick!?' (So, the outside kitty sneezes, and guess what? She's still an outside kitty!) We got the dog to BE an outside dog---she has a nice backyard, and a house.

*I* think she's smarter than other dog breeds, and she's playing my hubby for a fool!

Please tell me everything you know about fixed female alaskan huskies Thank-you so very much!!

PS She's also *very* persnickery!

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    Alaskan Huskies and Siberian Huskies are two of the smartest breeds there are. Most people call them stupid or stubborn because they just don't understand them.

    If you could convince your husband to leave her outside for one night during a storm (provided she had somewhere to get away from the rain), she will learn very quickly that outside is where she belongs.

    As far as the hot summers go, Huskies suffer from heat strokes very easily in the hot summer. Provide her with plenty of shade, cool water at all times, and something filled with water that she can lay in when she gets hot (like a kiddie pool).

    I owned a husky for 8 years before he died of cancer 6 months ago. He was always prone to heat strokes and hot spots in the summer.

    Good luck and hope my advice helps!

    Source(s): experience, I'm schooling to be a vet tech and work in a vet clinic.
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    Sorry, but anyone who keeps a dog outside all the time shouldn't own one. Dogs are social animals & want to be with you. A dog from a shelter needs more love & attention than ever. Who knows what kind of life she had before you adopted her?

    And leaving a sick & sneezing cat outside by itself? Why did you bother even getting a cat? Not to sound mean, but it sounds like you didn't really want either pet.

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    They are very smart and manipulative when they want something haha. They can, however, be stubborn and difficult to train so you should be firm and consistent. I wouldn't leave her outside though... they thrive on attention.

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    i love alskan huskie u r so lucky

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