Who are the main culprits for wide corruption in govt. offices of India?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sadly corruption is a complex problem around the world, in different governmental setups; democratic, socialist, communist etc. Hence it is not a problem that plagues India alone.

    To answer your question about the "culprits": Unfortunately there is no easy answer. Corruption has many faces which rear up at the most unlikely times. The ill-paid government hospital nurse who will not budge until you bribe her or the local police officer who does not give in until his palms have been greased; they could be seen as victims of the system which does not pay them enough!

    If one is to see in black & white, the ones directly involved are the culrpits. As in the case of bribery, the ones bribed & the ones giving bribe are guilty.

    However one does notice that the size of the salary of government officials does not correlate to corruption. Corruption is highly active in both affluent economies as well as lavishing ones across the globe.

    I suppose human nature is such that money is never enough.



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