fish tycoon help?

what is the magic fish no.5?

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  • bao187
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    1 decade ago
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    Fish #1: Greenfin Spotanus - Magical Fish of Fertility Mixing Twin-Fin Spotanus & Spined Spotanus

    Fish #2: Speckled Leaffish - Magical Fish of Sustenance Mixing Orange Stickfish & Twin-Fin Beta Orange or Spotanus & Twin-Fin Fruitfish

    Fish #3: Crimson Comet - Magical Fish of Curing Mixing Speckled Stickfish & Orange Goldbulb or Orange Fatfish & Speckled Bananafish

    Fish #4: Oriental Goldbulb - Magical Fish of Growth Mixing Greenfin Leaffish & Fanned Fire-Arrow or Crimson Comet & Orange Goldbulb

    Fish #5: Orange Snooper - Magical Fish of Health Mixing Fanned Arrowfish & Stubby Fruitfish or Orange Fruitfish & Orange Snout

    Fish #6: Wasp Grouper - Magical Fish of Mutation Mixing Spined Comet & Silky Beta or Orange Beta & Snubbed Comet

    Fish #7: Canary Fire-Arrow - Golden Guppy of Isola Mixing Crimson Comet & Fanned Fatfish or Orange Snooper & Canary Flashfish

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    fish eat very good.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    great methos

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