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關於英文量詞以及few .little的問題

請問各位一下1.any 後面是否可以加量詞例如:Do you have any pieces of cake?這樣可以嗎?還是只能寫Do you have any cake?那 a few.few .little.a little呢?2.a few.few .little.a little到底有啥差異?最後請問大家一個填充題:A: How many bottles of water do you want?B:--------- -------bottles,please.以上兩格要填什麼?



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    1.any 後面是否可以加量詞

    No, 例如:Do you have any pieces of cake?這樣可以嗎? no 只能寫 Do you have any cake?

    那 a few.few .little.a little呢?

    there are a bit different, ex. 1. I only have few piece of paper left. 2. I wish I can have a few pairs of new jeans.

    2.a few.few .little.a little到底有啥差異?

    a few = some; for countable objects. ex. I have a few pairs of shoes.

    few = close to zero; countable. ex. There are only few slices of cake left.

    a little = some; for in-countalbe. ex. I have a little time free now.

    litte = close to zero; in-countable. ex. He is so little that he can not come with us.

    A: How many bottles of water do you want?

    B: A few bottles, please.

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