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Why do White People always complain about special programs for Blacks/Minorities?

I have assimilated into the white culture to avoid feeling like an outcast. Fortunately I don’t look black so I am accepted by many more whites than most black people. Being a black female is the worst because no one wants you. I have separated myself from most of the black culture because it has become so bad that it is almost destroying itself with the violent, ignorant, destructive characteristics. I am a Tom, so be it. I don’t watch BET or participate in any of the black programs because I don’t want to be viewed as a certain race. I fight the concept of race everyday, but sometimes it seems like a losing battle…

It hurts so much sometimes…

First of all, I'm so tired of white people whining about programs for minorities. We get these programs because we are MINORITIES. This country is mostly composed of whites; therefore almost everything is made in their favor. Caucasians don't need organizations. You guys dominant politics, own nearly all of the country, decide what we learn in schools and colleges, etc. You guys already have this country made in your image so what else do you want?

Why the heck do you need your own channel like BET? You are on every channel day and night!!! When I turn on my television all I see is white people. Most of the movie stars are white, and there is a horrible bias in Hollywood. Most black movie stars are overlooked by casting directors because no one wants to see black main stars on film. Very few black stars exist; this is obvious because you always see the same ones in movies. Will Smith, Martin Laurence, Samuel L. Jackson, and how many freaking movies has Morgan Freeman appeared in?

My boyfriend just asked me how it is to be black. After dating me he learned how difficult it really is to be a minority. He tells me all the time how bad he feels for me, but how much better he is treated for being a white male. He always sympathizes with me and tells me he could never understand what it is like to see your race ignored for just about everything. None of these programs even begin to elevate the status of blacks in this country anyway. There is so much ground to be risen, and it is a hard and long journey through the feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing. Most blacks will lie about how they feel about being black, but I will be honest in saying that we all feel inadequate sometimes. Why wouldn't we?

As a child when I watched Disney movies or fairy tales, I always hated myself because I wasn't a beautiful white girl. My hair was nappy and short, not blonde, straight, and long. My eyes were brown not blue or green. No one wants you, and you lose hope in ever being able to be equal. People don't view you as equal, but only different. You have no idea what it is like to be a young child and know that you won’t be picked to be Cinderella because you are not white. Or knowing that white boy you like will never want you because you aren’t white. And knowing that no matter what you do you will never be equal in this society, you will always be somewhat lesser than a white person. Everyone is white but you aren’t and everyone lets you know it.

Also, there is the embarrassing history of blacks and whites cruelty towards them. Remember, not even a generation has passed since blacks were openly lynched without cause or punishment to the whites that did it. Segregation was around when my mother was an adolescent and I'm only 23. Do you know how evil white people were? They killed blacks for no reason at all and watched them suffer for recreation. They gave cocaine to them to make them work harder and then lashed out against them because of the behavior it exhibited. ‘Crazed *****’s attack’ have you guys done any research on the history of racism? There is so much more horror done to the blacks besides slavery. Most people don’t know the entire history and don’t grasp the long-term effects of discrimination and how it affects the moral and position of an entire race. Do you really think that racism still doesn't have an affect on the status of blacks and the mentality of the race? Don't you think we need programs in order to compete in the job market and to gain some freaking self-esteem? Stop saying ‘Get Over It’ because black skin color hasn’t turned white just because the law says we are all equal. You really need to stop taking your race for granted; you don't know how hard it is to be black in a world that only sees in color...

My boyfriend urges me to push on and try and fight the prejudice that even he sometimes has against blacks. It is not worth it to sit and moan about the position you're in. That is why I educate people and try to make the best of what I have been given. Why do you want to take away what little hope we have left for our future?

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    Damn, you always talk so much?

    I don't think people give as much of a rats-@ss what your skin tone is as you may think. People complain about social programs because they are paid for with tax dollars that no one bothered to ask the tax payers if it was OK to spend. Just like ALL tax dollars spent! Heck, everyone complains about everything. You just do what you are doing -- education, work hard, be a good person....and relax a little more. If some dumb@ss hillbilly does'nt like you because you are a few shades darker then him or her then that's their problem. No matter how it makes you feel, it's THEIR problem. Ever read 'Up From Slavery' by Booker T. Washington? (he is on my short list of people to meet when I get to heaven). You want to talk about someone that managed to overcome the most God awful conditions a person could be dealt --- and he always had a 100% positive attitude, and acomplished more in a single lifetime than ANY of our so-called social leaders and politicians could ever do.

    PS -- my family background is American Indian, but you can call me American!

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    I think it's just a simple case of judging the whole from a select few. Like a white person judging all blacks to be uneducated cocaine dealing welfare sponges because of dealings with a select few in that category. Same goes for an educated black family living next to a bunch of white crack hoes. Or 10 mexicans who pile into one pickup truck. It's not the entire race that should be judged by those select few...they just give the race a bad name or a bad rap.....and that stinks!

    I'm very lucky that I have never been prejudiced against and I hope never to personally encounter it. I know that I have racist thoughts once in a while and know that I go beserk when I see the mexicans down the street leaving their beer cans on the lawn while they crank up their freekin' circus music and letting their chickens run amok through the streets. But to think that every black man who I see drives a Mercedes must have stolen it is just asinine. I hope you really do see the good in every race and in every one....I think it would make the world a much easier place to live in.

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      Very true Michael.. Mexico has a caste system and even the govt. encourages their lower socio-economic classes to cross the border north, illegally.

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    ,Because did you ever hear of a program for white people.

    The problem is, most people, minorities, think of white people as privileged, with lots of money and no problems.

    A lot of white people aren't all white, most of them are mixed, and had a lot problems growing up. They also wern't born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I know people, from other countries, who think we are so lucky, and privileged, and everything is so easy for us.

    I know for a fact that certain government agencies will hire minorities much quicker than a citizen, when they are completely unqualified, and can barely speak English. They don't even have to have a diploma, and they will not even train them. They start off at $10.00 an hour or more and basically don't know what they are doing. That's where all are hard earned tax dollars are going.

    It is wonderful to help people, but make them have the same qualifications as we do, or train them first.

    If I am from America, I not only have to have a HS Diploma, I have to have a degree, or certificate and have a perfect interview like some type of robot.

    I am very qualified to have a basic office job, and I will know what I am doing, and I don't mind doing it.

    It is just not right for someone to get something handed to them on a silver platter.

    I don't know where you live to say it is difficult to be a minority. Where I live it is much harder to be white, especially if you are mixed and forced to be white. Maybe we should trade.

    Blacks had it hard a long time ago, but not now.

    When I was young, I lived back east. I never hated blacks. Most people I knew didn't either.

    At times I would have to go downtown, on a bus. I had to go to areas where there were black people. Once when I was alone, a group of girls, about six, who were black, followed me.

    They kept saying hey you white b----, do you want to fight, they had a knife. Nothing happened, cause I finally got near people. I kept quiet and kept walking. I think they wanted me to say something so they could start a fight, simply because I was white. You don't know how scared I was. I was brought up not to be prejudiced, so I wasn't. It is not the color of your skin, it's attitude and personality that gets my attention.

    If someone is a good person, I don't care where they are from.

    Pretty soon white will be the minority, it is where I live. In fact Hispanics have more people in our country now.

    Look at Oprah, she has been the richest woman in the world for ten years, now. There are so many black actors and actresses, there is no reason to say they are not making it.

    When I listen to the news most crimes are committed against people of their own race, about 98%. It proves we are our own worst enemy.

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    I think things have been getting better, in the media we see more and more black faces which is a very good thing. Just look at the commercials. You did not see blacks 10 years ago. The TV shows have more black characters who are intelligent and successful, and not just in comedy roles as in the past. Yes, we need more, but as you say, blacks ARE the minority, how many actors should there be? 50% black? would that be realistic if, let's say...30% in the country is black? I'm sorry, but if you feel THAT badly about being a majority race, then go somewhere where you CAN feel that you are a majority. Like South Africa....It IS changing as far as how black America is portrayed in the media, but I can't help you feel like Snow White. I can try to understand and try to be sensitive and caring, but when I turn on BET to try to keep up with the fads, icons and ideals my Jr. High students are identifying with, and what they idolize, all I can say is OMG.

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      With all due respect, when I visit any govt. whether local, state or national office, I only see minority employees... Funny how that reflection is the exact opposite of demographics within the nation. Imagine if only white folks had a monopoly on govt. jobs... You would still be bitching.

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    They whine because each right afforded to a minority means an incremental reduction of their hegemonic power. The funniest part is the majority race actually gets the majority of all government benefits but for some reason they think it goes to minorities.

    Anyway, try to not watch the TV news and you will feel better. I assume these haters are not coming to your house and complaining to you. You most likely are letting them in your house through that glorious boob tube.

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      You are the biggest bullsh_tter on yahoo answers.

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    I got to the part to where you started telling another race what is and what isn't best for them. How are you to know? You're supposedly a poor, black minority who can't seem to do anything on your own without "special" programs... Get a life!

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    First of all, your claim of having assimilated into White culture is bizarre. What the hell do you mean by "fortunately I don't look Black?" Many Black have very light skin and European features, but do not choose to "pass." Furthermore, you contradict yourself saying you cried at Walt Disney movies because you did not look like the kids in the story. Something tells me you are embellishing here. Hip hop is a trend that teenagers enjoy. It is not a representation of an entire race or culture. You are sick and insane if you equate the Black race with the derogatory things you said.of an entire culture. You sound like you have a very limited education and fund of information about the world. That being said, let me address the complaints about affirmative action. Blacks and other minorities for centuries have continued to be denied fair and equal access to opportunities and still are. It amazes me that every time the playing field is evened out, bigoted (not all..I am not stereotyping)Whites start screaming about their "entitlements" and "promotions." Imagine how non-whites feel to be passed over because they are not white...happens all the time. Think about all the tax dollars that nonwhites have paid historically and still pay to support organizations they have no access to.

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    I went to the Caribbean and where people of all races mingle on a daily basis .we in the USA needs to take a chill pill and you should take these things that affect you so much with a grain of salt,you will die before you can make a dent in this destructive society

  • 3 years ago

    I definitely sympathize with you for what you have gone through but since I'm Caucasian I will never really be able to empathize. I think you are doing to white people what you say has been done to you- to attribute a behavior or attitude to the entire race. The people who were violent towards blacks were probably pretty evil but i think most people, no matter what their race is, are mostly ok. You can't make a sweeping generalization about whites while complaining about others doing that to you. Also, you are VERY focused on race- I think that might have more to do with ambiguous feelings about yourself being black than other people's feelings towards you. I don't think most white people think there should be a "white" tv channel or all the other things you mentioned. From what you've experienced it seems that you have been around some pretty racist people- don't let them represent all whites, please. I'm sorry on behalf of those people who treated you badly.

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    i understand you, I am asian and i don't get treated well either, so i guess we are in the same position. I feel overwhelmed by white people, so I try to be the best at everything. I work out everyday to be strong and i study hard to get good grades at school. White people may look better than us, but that doesn't mean they are superior. I think black people are great. Be proud of who you are.

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      White people look better? How so? That is very subjective considering on that individual's socio-economic status... Color has nothing to do with much anymore but more of the same perpetual rhetoric.. It's about class these days.. Color is not that big of a deal.

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