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Hey do you remember ?

buttter lines during WW 2

Jerry Lester

portable radios that weighted 5 lbs

what memories do you have ?


sky king ?

lets pretend ?

jack armstrong ?

fibber macgee ?

Update 2:

hey what wonderful memories are coming in reply

how about ice boxes

the rag man

meat loaf on thurs cause friday was pay day

the first refrigeraters run by a gas flame in the bottom

the clothes line from the window to the tree with pulley wheels.

what wonderful memories


Update 3:

looks like sophie is going to be hard to beat

give it a try

the ice man we followed to get a shard of ice. wow was he big with those tongs

kate smith

arthur godfrey and dennis day.

the breakfast club

Update 4:


the milkman and milk in bottles with the cream on top

in the winter the top; would freeze and push the cap up

how did we get the cream off ?

veterans of the WW having to beg on street corners

the organ grinder with the monkey

there must be more you remember !!!!

Update 5:





come on people you must have more

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    I remember listening to mystery stories on the old tall wooden radios. Cisco kid, Roy Rodgers and cap guns, Buster Brown and froggie and his magic twanger, Howdy Doody, Kate Smith, cutouts, betsy wetsy dolls, playing with buttons and clothes pins, Mary Marvel comic books, superman, making a teepee from a bedspread, marbles, checkers, roller skates, yoyo-s, jacks, kaleidoscope, movie cards, teddy bears, crayolas, tinker toys, erector sets, hand puppets, marionettes, cash register, bicycles, red wagons, raggedy ann and andy, little lulu comics, casper the ghost, sylvester and tweedy, buggs bunny, lincoln logs, alphabet blocks with farm pictures on them (like a puzzle), baby carriages, little red wagon, tiddlywinks, string games (like jacob's ladder), sled

    The church bells used to ring on the hour and we could hear them from our house. They would also ring when there was a fire and you could tell by how many rings as to which part of the town had the fire. We lived up north so a kid would wear a wool sweater, leggings with suspenders, boots, a jacket, neck scarf, hat, and gloves just to go out and play in the snow...took an age to get all that stuff on and off. I also rememer the pajamas with feet and the back door and we had to use paper on the snaps that were worn. My grandparents had outhouses and no running water indoors. My Mom would iron clothes with a super heavy non-electric iron that had to be heated on the coal burning stove. Her family would sleep 3 kids to a bed. And they had a pitcher (for water) and a basin to wash up in the morning. Mom said during depression time they wore flour sacks. Recently I pulled some old pictures of my grandparents home (the area has been built up twice since the pictures were taken) and the road there was slag and steep and next to the railroad tracks, and the area was full of farms (dairy, fruit and vegetable) and they made their own kishka, did their own carpentry, killed their own chickens, had rabbits, and they had a sharpening stone, etc. etc. I remember the old slag dump and rows of furnaces. Where I lived we had hills and gullies, and the gullies became mountains from slag being dumped there. What could be leveled out became a place where the carnivals were held. During hard times we ate a lot of potato soup, and dunked our bread in the grease from meat. Mom starched more collars than I care to remember with niagra starch, and we used the ringer washer. I haven't seen a roller iron in years. Along with having a farm, the guys worked in the coal mines doing hard labor, or later in the steel mills. The women did home making, and their female children worked at age 13 in the woolen mills.

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    Black and white TV shows. Transistor radios. Shag rugs. The summer of love. Howdy Doody and Romper Room. Riding bikes as a kid without a helmet. Being happy then.

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    Rubber tires were not available so you patched the patches No sugar coffee without a stamp a lot of things were not there but you made do ROSIE the riveterwas born because the guys were at war and the Women built thTANKS,GUNS,SHIPS.Sugar was a luxury no stamps no sugar so we used honey.We turned in our aluminum and Brass to make bullits and plane parts. we still survived

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    Davey Crockett hats

    Ipana tooth paste

    Log cabin syrup in tin cabins

    hula hoops

    using vegetable cans for rollers in your hair


    Maynard G. Crebs

    Bleeding Madras Shirts

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't remember any of that...I am only 24. I remember simple things like neon spandex pants...huge hair... New Kids On The Block...Giant cell phones...Nintendo...I dunno...being a child of the 80's was easy.

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    I remember,vans painted with flowers, big hair, red,red lipstick, hippies,dragster bikes and cheaper food prices

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