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What is the best way to start home winemaking?

Winemaking is something I've wanted to do for a long time. Any suggestions for websites or books to check out? I'm looking for information for a beginner.

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    I do not make wine, but I am an avid beer maker. For the first several batches of beer that i made I just used instructions from verious web pages. (usually finding the easiest instructions to follow) They all sucked. I found the most success by searching for a popular brewing book on Once I read this very detailed book I had a better understanding of the process that was required to make quality beer. I suggest that you dont skimp on knowlege, It will show in quality. The book helped because i could always look back as I had questions.

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    The best book that I would recommend is


    It takes you though the thing you need to start.

    Then on to the bigger picture of becoming a connoisseur.

  • john l
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    Look into some local wine making shops , They will have every thing you need for getting started.. My late parents made their own wine and it was very good. I now wish I would have paid closer attention to how they did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    they use to have wine art stores, like radio shack, but for drunks... now you might try to read up on the net about it, it is pretty straight forward, just keep everything clean and air free...

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  • Connie
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    there are home wine making articles on this site to many to type and on good luck! and happy drinking to ya!!!

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    Try google always helps me =)

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