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What kind of food do bunnies eat?

and I don't mean like the bunny mix,in bags.

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    Generally, before six months, bunnies' main diet should be hay, water, and lucerne pellets. Some say you can begin introducing vegetables at four months, some say not until six months of age. Most importantly, when you begin to introduce vegies, you must do it VERY slowly and gradually - begin with just one slice or one very small piece of your chosen vegie or fruit, and make sure it doesn't give her diarrhoea over the next 24 hours before giving any more. Please see my own website, where I've written articles on this, at

    Also, NEVER give lettuce and NEVER give cabbage to rabbits - lettuce and cabbage are both very bad for rabbits, can cause diarrhoea and bloat which can kill them -

    And please check out my site at

    for lists of safe and dangerous foods for bunnies older than six months of age, reproduced from the excellent "Rabbitlopaedia" by Meg Brown and Virginia Richardson.

    Also, here's a few excellent articles on rabbit care, behaviour and communication - - this one is SO good - how to translate bunny behaviour and language! - this is my site - please have a browse and enjoy!

    Source(s): 17 years of caring for and learning from our happy indoor house bunns :-)
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    You can feed a commercial grain from any store, but make sure it is an alfalfa base grain, Do not switch around stay with one brand, Apples, pears, fresh pineapple, fresh papaya, kiwi, citrus of all kinds and watermelon seem to be favorite snacks. Strawberries seem to be on the "least favorite" list. The crunchier the better for the sake of their teeth.

    Greens such as fresh spinach, kale, chard, parsley are welcome treats as well but be very careful not to overdo it for fear of the onset of diarrhea. Kale is okay in small quantities on occasion. Be cautious of foods that give you gas! It does the same thing to your bunny! Dark green leafy vegetables are high in oxylates that can lead to bladder sludge and stones so if you feel you must feed greens, do it sparingly.

    For more information please see the listed link below

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    Beside rabbit pellets. You can feed rabbits or bunnies white bread, carrots, apple. A half slice of bread a week will help prevent worms.

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    Rabbits need rabbit pellets to provide proper vitamins as a base food daily also hay for roughage daily and supplment thier diet with leafy grass or dandelions, also vegetables, a salt block, and

    chew stick for healty teeth. Oats are their favourite grain and whole oats are best to feed.

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    Rabbits need a unlimited hay, limited plain pellets, and greens. They love fruit and treats (like carrots) but those need to be limited. Ours get a few different kinds of hay every day, plus a variety of greens, and measured pellets. As a treat, they get a tiny bite of fruit.

    Here is a link to many articles about what to feed your bunny:

    Source(s): have 3 house rabbits plus help with rabbit rescue
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    Rabbit pellets? I thought that was what came out the other end.

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    Bunnies eat carrot or salary ... tray that ..OK

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    Rabbits are mostly vegetarians. They eat carrots and other plants.

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    Lettuce, carrots, grass, and some fruit is good too.

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    Not to be smart but rabbit food

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