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My husabnd doesn't understand!?

My husand doesn't understand or care about how I feel. If I get mad at him he turns it around and makes me the bad guy. If I try to dislipline my kids he over rides me and than wanders why I can't get control of them. He always says that is why the family hates you (refering to me). HELP!

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    He's some domineering di(khead that thinks everything he does is great and right, and anyone besides him is a total zero. I dated a woman (if you can call her that) a few months ago that was like that. Dumped her @ss because she was a black-hearted, hell-pig from the great sulfur lake in H3ll. She was a freaking nightmarish misery to be around the longer I knew her. She was so bad (we weren't married, thank GOD), that I now wouldn't be able to even stand to see her or hear her voice now if she were to call. Fortunately she doesn't try to contact me.

    Your husband sounds like the same kind of personality. Frankly I don't know how you can stand it. It's dysfunctional, it's wrong, he's impolite, brash, rude and I could go on and on, as I'm sure you can tell. Drag that idiot to counseling and tell that jack@ss that if wants to continue being married to you, then he'd better go, he'd better listen and he'd better learn how to keep his freaking mouth SHUT once in a while.

    I wish you GOOD LUCK with this. It's a difficult situation. These people are dead-set fixed on their opinions being right and everyone else's is wrong of flawed.

    I hope you can get a resolution to this situation, before you either go nuts or it ruins your marriage.

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    My husband was the same way. He constantly overrode me in front of my son. My son started to do the same to me also at an early age. I did end up with a divorce after a counselor actually told me she would need a counselor if her husband treated her the same way as mine treated me. My son after witnessing me taking this for so many years now lives with his father who is remarried (by the way treats his new wife with nothing but respect) and it hurts more than I can explain having a 12 year old son who does not respect his mom. The fact that he lives away from me leaves a huge hole in my chest.

    Put a stop to this soon. Get counseling, marriage counseling if your husband will agree.

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    Than take a break from him and the family

    men will use different think to mentally abuse women

    if ever you he say that the family hated you again call the family and ask them which and why in front of him

    don't do it the same day supprise him

    invite them all together and ask

    inform them that it was your husband that told you so

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    I understand. See: Narcissitic Personality Disorder. Especially the link below. It changed my life.

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    It sounds like your husband is an expert at placing blame on anyone but himself. Some men think they are so perfect that anything that isn't perfect must be the wife's fault. You have your hands full.

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    Please, please, please, get into therapy now! My ex-husband got re-married today. I know exactly what you are going through. It is a form of mental abuse. I worry about the new wife, but she was his mistress before, so maybe it will turn out ok for her. Just remember, every time he over-rides you is a chance to say no, you are not the boss! Move on honey.

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    Ignore him and do things your way. He sounds worse than a child throwing a tantrum.

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    next time he starts to argue with you completely ignore him.

    he feels like he has the upper hand when you react to his mean statements.

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    you both need help if you are going to stay married.

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