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What college?

Yale University, Columbia, Duke, University of Pennsylvania, Sara Lawrence(sp?), or Boston College?

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    From what I understand- through friends and personal experience, you should not base your college from the top ten list. Seeing that you have multiple Ivy League colleges on your list- make sure your making a choice for yourself, not your parents, social status- or anything else.

    Yale: Such a well rounded school in many aspects. Though the student population has been known to be slightly academic oriented. If you are looking for a campus buzzing with a mix of intellectuals - this could be for you. Look into the major and how large the program is. Though Yale offers it's prestige by name- you might find a better school for your prospective major.

    Columbia- Again, a highly reckognized school. A lot of people want to go there for journalism it seems. Other than that, can't help you much.

    Duke: Can't say I know too much about this college.

    UPenn: This campus is absolutely gorgeous. The people there are an interesting mix. Depending on where you are from- you might or might not be used to the pastel polo colors you encounter there. Be prepared for a great campus, tons of people, the city of Phili, and popped collars!

    Sara Lawrence: Can't say I know much about it.

    Boston College: You can't really beat Boston in terms of a college town. There is a subway (the Green Line) that takes you all the way from the center of town and back to Boston College. Considering that Harvard, MIT, BU, and many other colleges are in the area- many that can be reached by the subway/train system- it makes for a great student enviorment.

    There are some other great schools around the country, so if your not entirely enclined to schools on the East Coast, do look into them.

    They also have good overviews of many colleges on wikipedia, if you are looking for more general information I'd go there.

    Source(s): Friends, Personal Experience
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    I honestly think it all boils down to where you feel most comfortable...just because a place has your major or has prestige, doesn't mean you'll do well there. If you're not comfortable, your grades will suffer. Also, don't just talk to your tour guide when you go...they're trained to give you positive answers to get you to go there....if you can, talk to some of the students (current or alum), they'll give you a better sense of what it'd be like to go to that particular school. Remember though that everyone's experiences are different. Another thought to consider is this: where will you most grow as a person, an adult, and a public citizen...contrary to popular belief, college isn't all about education. Yes, you want a good education....but college is also where you will begin to become the person you're meant to be. The person you are now is not who you'll be when you leave college. Don't go to a college where you feel you will remain stuck being the person you are now...the point is to grow. The college you go to should offer enough options for activities, clubs, and functions so that you aren't stuck doing the same thing you've always done. So look at the college from all angles, not just academically. College is an experience, not just a way to get a job later.

    Oh, and PS. Don't think it's the end of the world if you don't get into your top is funny, it somehow usually winds up working out for the best. I didn't get into any of my top choices, I got into my "safety" school. And now, I wouldn't have traded it for the world. My four years there have thus far been the best time of my life; I grew in ways I could never have imagined and made friends that I couldn't picture my life without now. So keep that in mind as well when you start getting those acceptance and rejection letters. Everything happens for a reason.

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    Which ever one you are most comfortable at. Your success depends on you being comfortable enough to excel, not the name of the college. Many people decide to go to a university or college based on the prestige of the name only to find it's not the right fit and drop out or simply don't excel. The name becomes pretty usless at that point.

    I have friends from all the ones you mentioned and all have only good things to say about their experiences.

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    It depends upon what you intend your major to be. If I were a Law Student, and I could afford it, I would go to Harvard. Second choise: Yale, 3rd,

    Boston College. Not enough information for a more precice answer.

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    Is those the college you are about to attend and if so it depends on your scholar talents to be able to get in to those schools. You could go to Yale but you need to be absolutely perfect in high school. You need to check each school that is listed to found out what is there criteria to be accepted to these universities or colleges.

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    College is the next level after graduating from high-school. It´s when you spend four years of your life to think what you would like to do professionally after studying.

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