Manchester United or Liverpool? Arsenal? Chelsea?

Which is your favorite football team?


Thanks a lot for all the answers! ^-^

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    Gooner till i die...Arsenal all the way.. they are forming into a dangerous team with YOUNG players.. chelsea may b winners but i hate them more than i hate materazzi (trust me..i hate this guy LOADDSS..)..

    Manu good but definitely needs to improve co-ordination.. tho i hate 2 say it i hve a grudging respect 4 dem as dey earned their titles..unlike..........

    well, as 4 liverpool (works damn hard..) i like them..dey r gud but somehow they lose conc fast.. wouldnt mind them coming second..anyhow..coz gunners r gonna come 1st..

    whoeva said gunners are not consistent...i guess he was bling or sumthin.. de way dey hve been playing.. my god.. amazing.. i'm sooo proud 2 b a GUNNER ...

    btw..dere are oder gud teams in this league..

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    I supported Chelsea for a long time and still believe they can maintain dominance this season, althought United are looking the threatening team. both Arsenal and Liverpool are inconsistant at the moment but was some of the unlikely teams to threaten.

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    The Champions Chelsea!!!

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    Everyone apart from Liverpool!

    Have a nice day!


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    My best its Real Madrid.

    Talking about Premiership League I think Chelsea its the most stable team now. They have a good institution and its players are good too.

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