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Can anybody help me to Learn Tally 7.2 accounting Software package with Proper Exercise?

As a student of Accounting, I want to learn Tally 7.2 package. Through my friends I have learned some portion of it but not in full way. Proper Exercise is required with VAT,TDS,SERVICE Tax techniques. Plz help me. I am from India

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    Tally software is the best accounts and inventory management software available. As a student of accounts you would be face to face with Tally some time or other. Now a days it is synonym with accounts. Accounts on computer means Tally.

    The best way to learn tally is to learn it from Tally itself. Learning place of tally is Tally Academy. You can find one in your town.

    This link would provide you the address of Tally Academy in your town

    You will get four to 5 books of tally and learn 8.1 the latest version . Each book from Tally Academy has more then 200 entries. And each book is pertaining to separate type of organizations.

    So your need to learn tally and exercise will be full filled.

    More over About tax structure like VAT, Service tax, TDS, FBT, Excise etc and their entries are also there in the books. So you need no separate training in this.

    Lastly you would get tally certification. TCP (Tally Certified Professional ) can command more salary and gets three interview chances from tally India itself.

    For further articles regarding tally you can visit the blog about tally at

    Source(s): For List of Tally Academy For tally related articles.
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    How To Learn Tally 7.2

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    because even as microsoft began that's paintings with note grew to develop right into a progressive one,even as a similar classes got here in apple and linux it develop right into a flop because the individuals were given used to it,same challenge applies to tally!

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