Are illegal drug users sorcerers?

According to W.E. Vine’s expository dictionary of New Testament Words (page 1074), the word SORCERY comes from a Greek word, PHARMAKIA - used as a noun, it “signifies a sorcerer,” one who uses drugs, potions, spells, enchantments, as in Rev. 21:8.

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    The meaning of the word is clear...

    Here is another dictionary definition:

    witchcraft, magic, the use of spells and potions of magic, often involving drugs

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    No> Not even the same drugs are illegal in the same parts. There are some that weaken the aura and set you up for trouble, but it is not sorcery.You cannot accidentally be a sorcerer by using drugs. The goal of sorcery I would see as weakening other's energetic field, you only weaken your own with drugs and some I would really stay away from (especially crack) as they can give the dark side an in//

    However you can practice black magic and be an expert without knowing it in this way: Gossip is black magic// Every thought is a prayer..People that gossip could do a lot of damage to themselves and others as energy flows where attention goes..(Some say gossip is murder) It is in the bible and somehow not taken as serious as other scripture....


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    The short answer is: Maybe!

    Your question implies that you are asking if "all illegal drug users are sorcerers".

    Your argument is based on the fact (in the bible) that "sorcerers use drug and potions." This statement implies that all sorcerers use drugs.

    This is a classic logic fallacy. Just because all buses are red does not mean that all red things are buses. Thus, if all sorcerers use drugs does not mean that all drug users are sorcerers.

    Also, just because some sorcerer use drugs does not mean that all sorcerers use drugs.

    I suppose the most important aspect of the issue is the intent of the drug user. The intent of an illegal drug user is to get high (probably to escape problems in their life), the intent of a sorcerer is to gain power with the help of the devil. Using drugs, and potions may help the sorcerer achieve this.

    So in conclusion:

    Not all illegal drug users are sorcerers, and not all sorcerers are illegal drug users. These two aspects of a person are independent.

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    The piece you quoted said DRUGS not ILLEGAL DRUGS. So according to your theory everybody who uses drugs (including prescripted ones) is asorcerer.

    I don't think so. I personally always believed that the part in Revelations referred to cults known at that time that used pharmaceuticals, potions, etc. in their rituals and places of worship. It was a warning to stay away from these cults.

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    I am a drug user...and my favorite source is the drug dealer or the local maybe there the sorcerers

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    Their definitely submitting themselves to sorcery and eventually become possessed

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    Sounds like therapists are who take all your money with "sessions" and drugs. Of course most therapists are atheists who love their own self-intelligence.

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    nope, but they do make themselves vulerable to demonic infuence.

    the ancients used drugs to bring people under control of demons, and the same effect is as it was then as it is today, only people today willingly bring themselves under this influence.

    I know this to be true from personal experience!


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    sorcery: divination by the assistance of evil spirits,enchantment,magic;one who practices.

  • yes

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