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help, I bought the wrong lipstick color?

I need a red-orange lipstick to match my Homecoming dress (I'm going for the 1940's look) but the color I bought looks trashy and pinky.

It's Revlon 725 Love That Red but it isn't matching with my skin or blending at all. What can I do to tone it down and make it look more 1940's?

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    You can keep that color - blend a good amount on the back of your hand along with a little bit of black eyeliner. A tiny amount at a time will tone down and warm up your color. Then scrape it off with a lip brush and apply it.

    Matching makeup to a dress is a huge industrial no-no and it always looks tacky. Instead of matching the colors, match the warmness or coolness of the color - a department store rep can help with this. You will blend with the dress and still find something that compliments your skin tone.

    Or you can always go for a more natural color. We were taught to match your lipstick to the inside color of your bottom lip. You will look naturally flushed.

    If you still feel the need to match colors but don't like what you have, go with a matching red-tinted lip gloss as it won't look as obvious but you will still have that burst of color.

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    Our country is at war, there are currently 17,500 homicides in the United States, millions of Americans with children are homeless, hungry and facing winter, the economy is tragic, the frightening realities of modern life force everyone to be affected in one way or another and a young woman attending her high school's homecoming wearing the wrong lipstick color is no different than anyone else here today: you have to realize that you can't sweat the small stuff when you have so many blessings in your life right now and all things in life do come to an end and while I hope you have a wonderful homecoming party, I am grateful that I'm not your age and about to embark into adulthood in such a bad point in American history. Wrong lipstick color? Yeah, right.

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    Make up is often so hard to buy when you see it from the lights most department stores. I have the same problem myself. What I have found to fix a boo boo purchase is to use lip liners of different, and put them OVER lipstick until you get the desired shade.

    As far as what some of your answers are reading, you can take it back to the store... to be honest with you, you CAN'T take it back after you have used it, because once you have, it is yours.

    Try the lipliner thing, look for one that looks darker than the shade you are trying to achieve.

    Good luck to you and have a happy Homecoming. Don't fret over lipstick, if you cannot find the perfect shade, as this is to become a happy event to remember for the rest of your life. You really don't want to remember it by not being able to find the right lipstick shade.

    Hugs and have a great time!

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    If you bought it at Rite-Aid you can take it back. Check and see what the store's policy is on returns of makeup that just doesn't work for you. There isn't really much you can do to make the color match if you neede an orange color because pink and orange aren't in the same warmth family. You may just have to buy another one. Take a color swatch in to match your dress to the lipsticks.

    Good luck.

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    Head to the makeup counter at the department store. Take your dress with you so they can match the color better. You may not want to get exactly the same color, but one that coordinates and looks great with your skin tone. I use Lancome products, and the staff there is always helpful, I'm biased, lol. That way, you can try on samples there and check them out before you make your purchase! Take care, and I hope you find what you're looking for!

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    you can blot and put some gloss on it. Chances are it probably does look Ok but you are just not used to such a dramatic red. Try blending it with other lipsticks that you have.

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    You can take it back, just say it was a mistake you bought the wrong one.. or you can tone down with some brown eyebrow pencil.

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    blend your lipstick and lip glosses until u find a color u luv

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    Look for a drug store that hastesters and try a few on your rist.

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    who gives a flying flip ? Use the one you bought.

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