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Should junk food be banned ??

Should junk food be banned in all school tuck shop?Please anawer in English and express your opinion with a reason.Thank you very much!!!

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  • Johnny
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    1 decade ago
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    Personally i think there is no point of banning junk food in the school because next to the school there are many shops that sell the similar items, kids can still get the same junk food easily. The school should educate the kids on balance diet and importance of nutrient food, also better nutrient lunch and scheduled exercise for the kids.

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    Just by banning junk food will not provide children the right knowledges about health diet and harmful causes of junk food on their body, without this knowledge these children will no learn and will continue to eat these harmful food as their grow in age.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I believe that junk food should be banned in schools.

    I believe this for your health,learning and enviroments reasons.

    Firstly,if you eat too much junk food you will be fat and it will rot your insides, I had a friend that was very fat and you know why? It was because she ate junk too much junk food, she had too much junk food at school and she didnt do much exercise, so if junk food was banned at school then this will not happen.

    Secondly, we came to school for learning and getting lots of exercise not for eating junk food, your parents didnt pay money for you for letting you eat junk food at school, they payed for your learning, dont you want to express your parents and feel proud? If so, junk food should be banned at school!

    Furthermore,if you had too much junk food at school you could end up with lots of wrapers on the ground, it will make your school dirty and ugly, I believe this cause it happened in our school before, and because our school was getting so dirty the junk food got banned from our tuck shop.

    Some may argue that you can still have junk food sometimes, but if you did it will still be unhealthy for your whole body.

    And because of all these reasons I believe that junk food should be banned from school!!

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    ㄏㄏ!我在國外就有教真幸運> <

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