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Napoleon 10歲發生什麼事?(限英文回答)







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    下是英文跟中文的比對,內容是差不多的拿破崙1769年出生在科西嘉島的阿雅克肖城。科西嘉島剛剛被賣給法國後,法王承認拿破崙的父親為法國貴族。在父親的安排下,拿破崙9歲時就到法國布里埃納軍校接受教育。1784年以優異成績畢業後,被選送到巴黎軍官學校。拿破崙16歲時父親去世,他中途輟學並被授予炮兵少尉頭銜。在隨部隊駐防各地期間,他閱讀了許多啟蒙思想家的著作,其中讓·雅各·盧梭的思想對他的影響非常大。1789年法國大革命爆發後,拿破崙回到科西嘉,當時科西嘉是三種勢力的競逐場,革命派、保皇派和獨立派,拿破崙加入支持革命的雅各賓派,並在一個志願軍團中得到中校的地位,後因與科西嘉獨立英雄保利起衝突,拿破崙全家被迫在1793年6月逃往法國。在1793年12月,24歲的拿破崙帶兵攻下了保王黨的堡壘土倫。1794年熱月政變中拿破崙由於和羅伯斯比爾兄弟關係緊密而受到調查,後因拒絕到義大利軍團的步兵部隊服役而被免去准將軍銜。1795年他受巴黎督政官巴拉斯之托成功平定保王黨武裝叛亂,一夜之間榮升為陸軍中將兼巴黎衛戍司令,在軍界和政界中嶄露頭角。He was born Napoleone di Buonaparte (in Corsican) in the town of Ajaccio on Corsica, FranceHis family was minor Italian nobility living in Corsica.On 15 May 1779, at age nine, Napoleon was admitted to a French military school at Brienne-le-ChâteauUpon graduation from Brienne in 1784, Bonaparte was admitted to the elite École Royale Militaire in Paris, where he completed the two-year course of study in only one year. Upon graduation in September 1785, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant of artillery and took up his new duties in January 1786 at the age of 16.Napoleon served on garrison duty in Valence and Auxonne until after the outbreak of the Revolution in 1789 (although he took nearly two years of leave in Corsica and Paris during this period). Bonaparte supported the Jacobin faction and gained the position of lieutenant-colonel of a regiment of volunteers. After coming into conflict with the increasingly conservative nationalist leader, Pasquale Paoli, Bonaparte and his family were forced to flee to France in June 1793.Through the help of fellow Corsican Saliceti, Napoleon was appointed as artillery commander in the French forces besieging Toulon, which had risen in revolt against the republican goverment and was occupied by British troops.His actions brought him to the attention of the Committee of Public Safety, and he became a close associate of Augustin Robespierre, younger brother of the Revolutionary leader Maximilien Robespierre.

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