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  • 1 decade ago
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    I grow at the small family of the standard is in the middle, economic condition fair, family each other gets along with also extremely mutually agreeable.

    Oneself major in the advertisement design, but I hope the oneself can accumulate social experience early namely, so time of remaining of the lessons I differ from other classmates busy in the association and the school activity, think on the contrary to enrich an oneself much and much to also understand the direction that oneself will work in the future in advance more easily by the work;Hence I read or have a part-time job an opportunity to wait for through various work, promoting new thing of see with exertive in the school of learn, let me face to grow up at the everyone a few, and circle the way to get along with people for melting of way.

    I have the good time management idea, making appropriate arrange time is my specialty.Also is because I own the good recreation and the source of[with] support, making more I am without cares at home to have the work anti- to press sex and the ability for solving problems on the work, controling a resource to do the best usage, owning a good communication more to moderate of characteristic, in the work play own role very, bring more new chances for the company.

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