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Would a 10 gal be ok for guppies?

I may be purcahsing a 10 gal soon, so is that an appropriate size for guppies? How many guppy sized fish could I fit in a 10 gal? Like how many max? I want to go for as many as possilbe :)

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    How many fish you'd like to keep depend on how often you want to clean the tank.

    15 guppies in a 10 Gal would require weekly water changes to keep conditions good.

    I keep up to six guppies in my 10 Gal, and I can get away with monthly water changes.

    Source(s): I keep guppies. :)
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    Only four or five. This doesn't seem like many, but guppies reproduce relatively quickly and in a good tank, at least a couple babies are going to survive to become adults. So within a month or two, you'll have 8-15 guppies in that tank. At which point you'll need to remove some to keep conditions favorable for the remaining fish to thrive. Usually pet stores will accept guppies of survivable size for store credit (usually around $0.20 to $0.40 each), so don't kill the extra ones.

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    Sure that would be fine as long as you maintain/change the water weekly. You can have 50 fish or so if they are small, maybe 1/2 that if they are long fan tails. Too many fish and the tails get damaged.

    You need to use a biofilter and do partial water changes every week to keep the nitrogen levels under control. So vaccuum the bottom of the tank with a siphon and replace 2 gallons a week.

    It is true they do jump. You need a cover. I keep my turtle next to my fish and sometimes the turtle gets company :)

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I own a 10 gallon fish tank with 30-40 guppies in it. Many are babies.
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    10 gallons is good. You can put like 5 guppies in there. I dont care what other people say, i put like 7 fish in my 10 gal and they lived for over a year. Just make sure you have a filter and heater because the more fish, the more poop and a filter is good and cleans the water

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    For safety reasons, I would go for 2 females and 1 male. (they produce and then you would have a problem because it will be too many babies). Add some plants (baby grass for them to hide in or else they will be eaten) you can buy it at petco or petsmart. I dont know how well it works. If you want the most you can get, I say get 4 females and 2 males. The most would be 10, maybe 6 females 3-4 males. But then you would have to worry about the babies when there born. Or you could jus let the strongist survive and the rest get eatten.

    Source(s): Lots of Research on guppies
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    dont bother at all with guppies, get a more intelligent fish with more personality like some dwarf puffers. Guppies are beautiful, but obviously have no individuality.

    There is so much more on the market - shop around.

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    A 10 gallon will be fine for Guppies. Just keep in mind that Guppies breed rapidly...So you may only want to get males.

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    Recommend one gallon of water per 2 inches of fish. And start the aquarium & filter about a week before you get the fish.

    Used to work at pet store.

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    If it is planted well (you need clay gravel for that), the plants help deal with a greater bio-load, and you can feed less (also reducing bio-load as the fish (especially the fry) will eat the plants. I would say a dozen. If the foliage is thick enough, there will be plenty of hiding places for the fry, and there will be enough room for them to mature.


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    Heck yes. They do not need loads of room. However, remember not to fill the tank too high to the top. They can be jumpers. I had a male who was separated from his mate just before she had her babies, and he jumped ship and died. Oh well, Mom had probably 10-15 babies to replace him! Also, make sure you separate babies from their parents as they tend to eat the little guys while they are young.

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