If me and my husband have always used condoms until the 22nd of this month and just stopped using them....?

Could this change my body's chemistry enough to delay my period by two days or more? I am asking this because i have now tested 3 times at home for pregnancy and i keep getting negative results. I have not had the regular cramps etc i usually get for the arrival of my period, but i have been getting werd achey feelings in the same area and ben feeling nauseated. My nipples have been so sore this past week. For 5 days straight my temp was at 98.1 and i am always about 97.6. What does this mean? Please, only real answers, no kids trying to get their 2 points who don't really know. Thanks ahead of time to those who really know. :0)

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    i doubt theres any medical proof on the subject, but i found that when me and my husband stopped using condoms it changed my cycles.

    I skipped and was late for a while, but eventually i got to be more regular than ever. I think there is some sort of hormone released from the skin to skin contact and the changing PH caused by his sperm.

    I doubt a doctor would agree though.. lol

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    Condoms don't affect your body chemistry in the least. You were probably just ovulating at the same time you had the unprotected sex.

    I have 2 kids and all of your symptoms (including lack of menstrual cramping..just like me!!) sound like pregnancy. Sometimes the placenta doesn't make alot of hcg at first and this will cause a few negative urine tests. To be really sure, you need to have a blood test performed by your doctor.

    Best of luck and baby dust to you!!

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    Condoms can in now way change your chemistry unless you are allergic. If you were allergic, you'd surely know it. I'd go to the Dr. and seek other possibilities as to why you are not getting your period. I had 4 negative pregnancy tests only to find out I WAS pregnant. Even a blood test came back neg. It does happen.

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    The condoms or absence of them really wouldn't change any chemistry, but other activities associated with condoms would now make a difference. Don't get too excited or dissapointed yet by the tests, but I'd say you are pregnant. If not, the next time around for sure.

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    I personally have never heard of it changing your chemistry but I would imagine it's possible. BUT my story is sort of like your to a certain extent, my temps usually stayed in the 97 area, went out of town came back my temps stayed in the 98's for days, home tests after home test were negative, decided to go to 1st doctor, urine test negative, decided to go to my OB urine test positive after 4 weeks of dealing with the am I or arent I. My breast hurt so so so bad. I would feel lightheaded at times all of this. My suggestion is that you go to the doctor just in case and have them do a blood test because for me the urine test were VERY inaccurate... I would have sworn by them my first two pregnancies, they turned before I could finish the tests but with this pregnancy-- no home urine test came positive and it took me to get to 8 weeks pregnant for it to turn in my doctors office...

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    No, i would not change your body chemistry. Sounds like you can be pregnant. Maybe, it was just too early to tell. If you still have not started go to the Dr. so they could do a blood test.

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    Let me see, you stopped using condoms on 21st and tested 3 times already to see if you are pregnant. THIS IS ONLY THE 29th.!!!

    Give it a few days, the tests ARE NOT Foolproof, although your symptoms do sound like pregnancy.

    Source(s): My own infertility.
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    Danielle, Tammy and Craig are right. Condoms themselves are not the difference. When you see your doctor, you should be more thorough with the change of habits.

    Like, do you know if your husb used a lubricant? They may have added to the cramps.

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    The only thing that i can think of is you may be pregnant. The store bought pregnancy tests are not always accurate. Go to your doctor if you dont feel better soon!!

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