The other day, I was listening to the BBC World Service program about sex tourism and how many young, middle aged, or even older women(single, in a relationship, or even married) are traveling to different places around the world to find romance, have sex, and some even find the love of their lives. The idea simply hit me in the head and I thought that I would be very much interested in having a relationship with a woman from another place, for sex, and depending on what things are like, maybe even more. I'm 23, young, attractive and very well educated. The few long-term relationship I have had went nowhere. I want to experience a lot and don't want to get married. I have a while to go. Where do I go or what website do I visit to find the people with the same interests who are serious about traveling overseas for sex or a relationship? This question is for anyone who feels that he/she can help me out here. I'm currently in Baku, Azerbaijan and I would appreciate your views!

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    Perhaps a more accurate way to describe it is 'Relationship Tourism' and not 'Sex Tourism'.

    I've been a number of times in Thailand in the tourist city of Pattaya. And in this city, literally thousands of young and some not so young Thai women are looking for short-term relationships with mostly western tourists. Single women outnumber single men in every restaurant and bar there. And it's hard for a man to avoid getting a girlfriend there.

    Actually, 'girlfriend' is not quite the right word. Once you make friends with the lady there, then she immediately begins to treat you as if you are her husband in terms of money, sex, and affection. And she expects you to start treating her as if she is your wife.

    In a traditional marriage, the husband is the provider for his wife. And in this place you must provide your lady with $20 to $30 per day. You must show her affection and have her accompany you everywhere. And of course, you must spend every night with her.

    People in the West often misunderstand these relationships in terms of their own culture and call it 'prostitution'. But Western prostitutes often refuse to hug or kiss or participate in any kind of affection with their customers. Their relationships are often limited to sex only, and this is very different from what happens in Thailand.

    The only thing about relationship tourism in Thailand is that the relationships you get there are real in every way. And you can really fall in love there, when you meet a nice, young, attractive woman who immediately begins to treat you as if you already are her husband.

    Relationship tourism can and sometimes does lead to real marriage that lasts for a lifetime.

    Travel to Thailand is very easy. If you are a citizen of a Western country, then you don't need a visa to go there. You automatically get a 30-day permission to stay in the country, when you arrive at the airport there.

    Pattaya is a tourist sea resort with all the amenities and most people there understand English. And this place is relatively cheap to stay at. You can easily find a hotel room there for less than $20 a day. And you won't spend more than $20 a day in local restaurants.

    This place is also quite safe in terms of security. Tourists don't get much trouble from anybody there.

    But I've never seen any Western tourists coming there in groups. People usually travel there alone. Perhaps Chinese tourists are the only exception. They often don't speak either English or Thai. And due to language problems, they cannot go there on their own.

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    sex-ı guess-the most attractive thing people interested in.maybe people live for their satisfaction,like food to be people try to find out a spring before they die

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    just google it

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