Whose economy is stable and fast growth for long term? India or China?

Both country goods are more or less similar. In general China economy is growing fast, but the quality and quantity of production is not appreciatable. More than above, China is violating WTO nrms. But Indians have slow growth but it is controlled in production and quality. But for the long term who will win the market?

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    For a long term, I would say China. let's take a look at the numbers. The gross domestic product(GDP) of china has been increasing since 1978 on an average of more than 8%. Some of the critics said China's ecomomic policy was not suitable for such a agricultural country, but that's what they said 10 years ago. keep in mind China's industrial policy changed every year and it's becoming more stable. plus there are a lot of people who are willing to become workers instead of farmers. look at the lables on your furnitures, they do tell you they are"made in China"

    For India, the country's best industry is software engineering. that's why it's the second fastest growing major economy in the world. although it's opening up markets, most of the people in India still earn their money from agriculture and handicrafts. a lot of the Indian people have no idea what's going on in another part of the world.

    This maybe surprising, 13.3%of the people in the internet uses Chinese, it has a growth of 346.7%. This is from a chart called "Top Ten Languages Used in the Web", you can search that on google. 144million people are using internet in Chinese, how many people on earth can use computer, then?



    GDP (2005, PPP) $9.41 Trillion (2nd)

    GDP (2005, Nominal) $2.22 Trillion (4th)

    GDP growth rate (2005) 10.2%

    GDP per capita (2005, PPP) $7,204 (84th)

    GDP by sector (2005) agriculture (12.46%), industry (47.28%), services (40.26%)

    Pop below poverty line (2001 est) 10%

    Labor force (2003 est) 778.1m

    Labor force by occupation (2001 est) agriculture 50%, industry 22%, services 28%

    Unemployment rate (2003 est) 20%


    Real GDP (at PPP) $3.633 trillion (4th) (2005)

    Nominal GDP (at current exchange rates) $775 billion (12th) (2005)

    GDP growth rate 8.9%(First quarter 2006-07)

    GDP per capita $3,400 (155th)

    GDP by sector agriculture (21.8%), industry (26.1%), services (52.2%)

    Population below poverty line 25% (2002 est.)

    Labour force 482.2 million

    Labour force by occupation (1999) agriculture (57%), industry (17%), services (23%) (2005-06)

    Unemployment rate 7.32% (1999-2000)

    See the difference? Higher GDP, higher GDP Growth rate, per capita(service industry is lower), lower population below poverty line. higher labour force. 7.32%of India's Unemployment rate is better than China, but that could also (not sure) mean there are just more people seeking work and are more willing to work in a foreign company like Nike.

    hope this helps you.

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    I think India will continue to show growth for the long term. I've been keeping an eye on reports by financial analysts. Most are saying China is heading for a major crash within the next 1-2 years because China's economy cannot continue to sustain double digit increases. Over the past three years the rate of growth has diminished significantly.

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    india is plagued with corruption that is slowing down its growth but in the long term it is and will be the most stable economy between the 2 countries but as for china when a powerful capitalist revolution rises every thing will come tumbling down

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    from other answer and from my knowlodge, China is sill stable for a long time. It may need a worldwide vision peronnality to change the path.


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    When most of the goods at Walmart come from India, you will

    your answer.

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    China would destroy india any day. Effeciency, quick decision making, no argument, no debate just action.

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    china.everthing in the world says "made in china" at the back of it.

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    for you, regret.

    India is incompetent, China will win.

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