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Celebrity lookalikes. How to get noticed?

I have two sons. Both very handsome and each one looks exactly like a particular actor. I have been told this by friends, family & strangers. One Jake Gyllenhal and the other Wentworth Miller. Are there ever actual hollywood casting calls for look-alikes for instance for movies, etc. or are look-alikes just a talk show and wedding circuit type thing? Does anyone know where to send pictures, bios, etc.?

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    Go to They update daily with new producers. You can explain about them and submit pictures to them. I believe it costs money to do this though. Don't know how much.

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    My boyfriends uncle is a Robbie Williams Lookalike.

    He learned to sing, got a few tattoos, put up a website, now he's travelling all over the world doing performances and is quite well-off.

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    Get a life

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