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THis guy asked me out that i was crushing on and i am still with my boyfriend???????????help b4 i have 2g2?

Ok yesterday in skool this guy asked me out that i have a crush on 4 a year now but i am still with my boyfriend togerther. I sort of don't love him anymore!!!!!!!!! WAT should i do!!!!!!!!! HELP B4 i have 2g2 skool


Well know how to spell things and why would i go on a diet i am skinny

Update 2:

nevermind i gotcha

Update 3:

I know* how to spell things

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    Don't drop your bf yet. You're not married. Go out and see this crush might be totally not right.

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    It somewhat relies upon on no matter if i wanted him round all day or very few hours of relaxing. Johnny Depp Pee wee Herman ( Paul Ruebens) Atually a Hockey participant named Alex Ovechkin

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    Drop your boyfriend, even if you don't end up going out with your crush. That way, he can find someone who might respect him.

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    drop the current bf and have a date with the crush...

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    dump the current bf. change your diet.

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    if your still in school you need to focus on your spelling more than boys, because it sucks

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