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A girl squeezed my balls!!!?

About a week ago in school, we had an opening in the schedule and all the guys decided to go play basketball. The girls just stayed outside next to the cafeteria, talking and fouling around. I don’t really like basketball so I stayed with the girls. I was talking with two girls, they where smiling and then without warning a girl grabbed me by the balls and started squeezing, the others noticed and started giggling! The thought of going for her eyes, punching her neck bone, or just knock her out with a punch crossed my mind instinctively, but I did not wanted to hurt her, until it was too late because I started feeling too bad and weak to fight back, and to my surprise she squeezed for a hole minute! If a girl was being abused, me and the boys would kill the freak, but when the roles are reversed, INSTEAD OF HELPING ME, the girls where all laughing and cheering the hole time!


Then I was on the floor holding myself; I could not breathe or speak; what a horrible feeling all thru my body and the excruciating pain was spreading up to my stomach. They just stood there watching me for a long time, and every time I did something that showed agony they laughed, and not only that, I could tell that some of them where clearly aroused!!! I finally got up and walked away, and then I noticed a lady watching me with a big grim on her stupid face. I fell so violated and humiliated. And in the past few days, sometimes girls that I do not know pass by me and joke with me by asking me how my balls are.

The back of my left testicle still hurts a little.


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    I don't hit girls, but if one grabbed me by the balls, squeezed and wouldn't stop, I'd slug her in the face regardless of the consequences and who was watching.

    What she did to you is called physical abuse and sexual harassment. And no matter what school you're in, if the administrators are following the rules without bias, she could quite easily be suspended or expelled for such a thing. Unfortunately, you would likely have gotten in more trouble for punching her than she would for grabbing you there, because she would have acted innocent.

    "Girls are angels!" is bullcrap. Many of the cruelest people I know are girls.

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    I would like to state that some girls are freaks and get off on having that kind of control over a guy. That chick knew what she was doing and knew what would follow. Either she has a total crush on you or she was being a B and making you look like a fool. Girls are just odd. I do understand what you mean about men and women differing. Get better and next time protect the jewels. Telling her to let go or grabbing her wrist to make her let go is just self defense. If all that fails I say give a titty twist and you're good. I'm a chick and I know better than that. If that was my school days that girl would have been smacked. Hope you feel better and the jokes will die at some point and someone new will take your place. It's the circle of stupidity. Take care.

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    Girl Grabs Balls

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    For what were you waiting before, U should have gone and talked to the school administrators about this. And why didn't U react somehow to stop her from hurting you. Anyway go and talk to the school authorities about it whenever any thing like this happens again.

    And dont let those bitches laugh at you again... At least do something against this complete sexual harassment. May be next time you meet those bitches just ignore them...... I really feel sorry for you dear.... May u get over it soon....

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    You should have grabbed her nipple and twisted it with all your strength, until she let up. Then you could have taken out your cock and jerked off on her face ! That is what the ***** needed .

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    What a mean thing to do. You actually just let her do it for a whole minute?! You could have at least slapped her hand.

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    i just don't believe this.Nobody would allow just anybody to hurt any part of the body.Reflexively, you would have immediately kicked or pushed the person who hurts you.Stop asking semi porn questions. This is a serious platform.

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    Not all girls are like that. She was just a *****.

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    A guys balls or testicles is the great equalizer of the sexes. Guys have great strength, but one slight punch, or even a slight tap or fllick to the testicles, grab or squeeze gives females the advantage. So why not laugh, have fun, at the male weakness that guys have in having hanging balls. Women's breasts might bounce, hang, but there is no weakness to there breats in comparrison to having testicles.

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    heartless, they see male pain as entertainment.

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