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Does it seem that policemen are no longer enforcing the rules of the road?

Every day, I see more and more reckless drivers, people going way over the speed limits, People talking on their cell while driving (which is illegal in our state), and nobody signaling their turns. It just seems like its a free for all out there. The cops only show up after there has been a crash or after somebody gets run over. And sometimes, it is the very police themselves who are supposed to enforce the driving laws that are the one breaking them. What in the world is going on here.?

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    Deputy Vernon Matthew Williams - Killed in the line of duty yesterday while pursuing a suspect who fled from a traffic stop in Polk County, Florida. Also killed was his K9 partner, Diogi. Also shot was Deputy Douglas Speirs, who was assisting in the pursuit of the suspect. Deputy Speirs was shot one time in the leg and released from the hospital after treatment. The suspect was located this morning and fatally shot by SWAT officers after refusing to drop his gun.

    Officer Keith Houts - Critically wounded in the line of duty yesterday during a routine traffic stop in Montgomery, Alabama. Officer Houts was shot one time in the head, severing his spinal cord. Doctors are not optimistic. The suspect is still at large.

    Both the above incidents were traffic stops for speeding. Officer Houts was in fact working overtime on a traffic enforcement detail, specifically to target traffic violations. He volunteered to do it. And this is just one day. Now tell me again how we police officers don't enforce the rules of the road. Or better yet, shut your mouth, and thank God for the officers who are out there every day putting their lives on the line to keep you safe.

    Source(s): -Police Officer, Montgomery, AL
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    + It sure does seem that way, but I salute the few that go out and really do their jobs. A cold traffic stop can be dangerous even in small town America. I think that we may feel that we are entitled to speed and break the traffic laws because "everyone else does". At one time I had the job of teaching transport drivers(VANS) to take students around a city to various schools and dorms. I would fail and not hire those that broke any traffic law. I also reported some police for not enforcing the laws. That got me in lots of trouble later.

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    Such a brilliant question (no sarcasm used here)

    Only today an ignorant immigrant (I'm an intelligent immigrant of course) went through a red light. (I'm almost certain he bribed someone at the RTA because I had been behind him following his vehicle and noticed how many errors he made). He did not know our road rules and as a result caused an accident. This isn't the first time this has happened. Infact, on other occasions the police have seen the trafic rules broken and have done absolutely nothing about it (I'm in Sydney).

    I think they have quoters to make money and it's more difficult to prove someone didn't indicate a left's easier and more profitable to prove they were speeding.

    I feel sorry for Police. I blame the guys they report to.


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    I agree. there are lots of rules available that folk do not care approximately, and that i think of it is because of the fact they view themselves as being above the guidelines. they think of that the different strains are too long for them because of the fact they're in a rush, so they are going to easily stand in the 20 products or much less line. comparable with shoplifters... they think of that they are worth of Vera Bradley purses yet that they had a coarse 3 hundred and sixty 5 days financially, so as a replace of saving as much as purchase the bag or residing without it (heaven forbid!) they pick to scouse borrow it. additionally, whilst human beings lower back into your motor vehicle in a motor vehicle park and then rigidity away without leaving a observe or something... even whilst they positioned a super dent on your bumper. everybody is getting ruder and ruder each and every of the time!

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    If cops enforced the law they'd be in trouble with LULAC. In my town we have to many mexican cops that can't read "Yield" signs and won't get out of the right lane that they are as much a problem as the rest of the taco muching jerks.

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    People only drive this way when the police aren't around and the police can't be everywhere, all of the time.

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    Maybe you should ask that to the widow of the Florida cop murdered yesterday for pulling over a speeder!!!!

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    They have two choices, either get out on the road and do their job, for which they are grossly overpaid, dealing with criminals, and violent people and a$$holes all day OR they can sit and visit with their pals at Daylight Donuts and STILL get paid. Though choice huh?

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    I agree, but i don't know where in the world you are, but believe me, you want to see fun and games, come for a visit to Khartoum for a day, and you would feel so much beter about wherever you are !

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    there are a few more people than Law Enforcement,however they are doing their best.

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