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My hair is frizzy and has loose curls, Any products that can help?

I want a product that can keep my hair tame and keep my curls. Right know I have to blo dry, and flat iron to get rid of frizz. Help!

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    Garnier Fructis Style- soft curl cream. It is a fruit micro-wax and it works wonderfully. It doesn't take that much, just remember to rub it between your hands to heat activate it before you put it on your hair. I can't imagine going without it. Hope you try it cause it makes the difference between a bad hair day and a good hair day for me.

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    Hi, I'm sorry to say there is no magic product out there. But there are products to help control it. I use "Fructis Sleek&Shine" It controls the frizz & defines the curl plus it makes me feel like I have some kind of control over my hair which I finely do. Good Luck!

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    John Feida has Frizz serium that works well to tame the frizz into defined curls.

    Its easy to use, works the best on the market that I have found, little goes a long way, and is a really decent price.

    Source(s): Former Wild Frizz Head
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    wash and condition your hair earlier mattress, towel dry till damp, no longer thoroughly dry, gently slide a comb through to detangle any stray bits then get a phase of hair, twist it and wrap it round your finger and pin it for your head heavily with a small kirby grip. attempt this throughout and leave it in one day, you should use hair ties fairly if the grips sense uncomfortable even with the indisputable fact that it is going to take longer and that's some what trickier to do. in the morning, take out the grips/ties positioned a small squirt of curling mousse on your hand, finger comb through your hair starting up on the bottom, then provide it a speedy scrunch all round (perfect performed with hair the different way up) p.s the twisting earlier you wrap section is mandatory, it makes your hair seem very brilliant for some reason, you could make the curls as huge and free as you want through no longer wrapping so tighly to make huge loops of hair, wish this helps

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    First you have to cut dry ends about 3 cm. of your hair and than to put on some naturally hair mask based on oil. The best is olive oil.

    Dont use iron and when you wash your hair leave it to dry on the air and crumple it with hands.

    You can use revlon "curly hair days" , check it on


    or Schwarzkopf Osis Bounce Curl Liquid

    check all Schwarzkopf products on


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    John Freda FrizzEase

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