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Where can I find the song 'It's a Natural Affair' by The Spinners?

It's from their 6-track 10th album 'From Here to Eternally' in 1979.

On 'Limewire' they are just spoken ads!

And does '...Baby One More Time' by Britney Spears really sound like it? (in the CD single sleeve credits, it says it takes a sample from the song in my main question).

P.S- I know they are both old songs, but the popular song came out in 1998-when I was just 8! so I couldn't buy it and ask about it then. I have now, though).

Please-proper answers!

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    I suggest to search in Lime wire again it is impossible that a music can't find in Lime wire. I myself downloaded "baby one more time" from Lime wire .


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