How should we deal with an aged but temperimental superior?

hi, i have a prob! my superior is an old man from one of the top B schools. He is pretty temperimental, does not understand what others say, has an opion for everything and anything, his tone is very dismissive,has a fetish for documentation (does not want to take up anything until it is properly documented). I find it extremely difficult to communicate with him. My boss seems to have a soft corner for him--incidentally both of them are from same B school! If i differ from what my superior says/feels, thats the end of it. Of late i'm losing my temper, but can't really do so, not that he is my superior, but u know, it is not culturallly correct to argue with a grey head, that's what i'm afrad! how should i deal with this guy? pl advise.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it's not supposed 2 b culture in general but it is the culture in ur work...just hang around and be loyal to ur company...don't allow any external issues faze ur priorities... if u think dat oldie is beyond limit 2 u, then tkae him 4 a ride, ultimately ever1 has their self respects others shouldn't try 2 tweak on it....

  • JP E
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    1 decade ago

    Find a new job if you are not happy.

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