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What is the best way to releave yourself from such a painful stress?

i am having problems these days and i am loaded with a lot of problems and filling sick

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    I've hit rock bottom, and the only thing that seems to lift me back up is God. My husband's in Iraq and talk about being stressed. I live with a fear 24/7. No one should have to feel that. I've tried everything, and God's the only one that helped...

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    That depends on what is stressing you out. I was going through a stressful time about a year ago. Being single with no kids I just quit my job, sold/gave away/threw away everything I owned but a carry on and one suitcase and moved to another state. I think maybe you need a change too. Try cutting loose some of the $hit thats causing the stress, thats what I did. Now i'm in school full time and I bought my first motorcycle to vroom around on cuz fuc it if I ain't gunna have some damn fun before I die.

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    I know this is easy to say than to do .....but try to take some private time just a few minutes, slow deep breathing some where peaceful if you can.......a hot bath (yea even for a man) try to clear your mind (so hard to do) if you are getting sick which stress can make you sick see your Dr. ( I have stress and panic fun) Its hard at first to relax when your so stressed just try a little at a time...another thing to try a good massage for stress always works for me.

    One more thing I know you may not be able to get time away I'm' a signal mom but just even 5-10 mins is a difference

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    Just know that all you can do is your best. Leave the rest to the higher power. Apply all you have and then quit worrying, there's nothing else you can do about your problems, and worrying never helped solve anything!!

    Plus when you're sick, you're less effective. Your sickness could be a direct result of stress- see a doctor either way.

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    Work out. Exercise could get out some tensions.

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