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i want to find out some things ...i have had unprotected sex many times with my bf but he never cam in me or anything and last week he cam in me and 6 days later i got my period?? i want to know if i can be pregnant even though i got my period and can Pre-*** lead to pregnancy???

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    pre*** can lead to pregnancy, I researched just last week on this b/c i wasn't sure.

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    yes precum can get you pregnant! That is why the pull-out technique doesn't work! No you can't be pregnant and here's why:

    According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, a woman is most likely to conceive on the day of actual ovulation and the five days that precede ovulation. A woman usually ovulates on the fourteenth day of her cycle, so conception attempts are best tried between the 9th and 14th day.

    So let's say your period came on the 1st then lasted until the 5th so you would ovulate on the 14th and most likely to get pregnant from the 14th to the 19th. and then you had sex on the 25th and got your period on the 1st again.

    So you were probably about 6 days too late!

    But be careful,don't use this information as birth control, you never know what could happen!

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    You could be pregnant, however if you have your period it is very unlikely, it is rare to continue having periods when pregnant.

    For heaven's sake stop living this way. It is like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun. If you don't care about your own life, think about the life your child would have growing up with a mother that didn't care enough to use contraception and has no ability to take care of it, because if you can't even take care of yourself you certainly can't take care of a child. Talk to your MOTHER girl.

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    ANY unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy (not to mention STDs). Please be tested for both and be careful if you do not wish to get pregnant.

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    Yes it can. I suggest you take a test!

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