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I cut one of that light ways(bus) on a computer board with a sharb thing by mistake. how can i fix it?

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    If you nicked a single trace (the silver pathways running around the board) and it broke the contact, it can be repaired with a small piece of wire and some solder. If it didn't break the contact just dab a little clear nail polish on the exposed trace and call it a day. To repair a broken trace carefully scrape the insulating coat off of the trace on both sides of the break. Solder the wire on to "bridge" the break. A little nail polish or spray insulation will finish the job. Be carefull not to overheat the board or you will have alot more problems on your hands. Might even want to have someone who has repaired electronics before do it for you.

    Source(s): Like my bio says more than 15 years as a robotics tech. More like 23 years working on electronics.
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    The light ways bus can only be fixed by applying special photon repelling anti-matter insulators. Sorry.

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