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HI, Purchased a laptop on Yahoo auctions, seller does not respond, and i have paid.What action does one take?

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    Start with Yahoo! auctions, explain the situation and hopefully you can get some satisfaction there. If that does not work, contact the company that issues your credit card (you did pay by credit card??), they should be able to refund your money.

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    First off, report them to Yahoo. Secondly, what form did you use to pay? PayPal will reverse charges in cases of fraud. If you used a credit card even better. Get any relevant information, the auction itself, any emails sent, and the payment receipt sent. Then dispute it with your card's company. Send or fax this paper work to them.

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    if you paid thru paypal Login and goto resolution center and open a case so paypal will directly deal with the seller

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    should not buy computers, especially laptops on ebay or yahoo,, most are a scam.. if you paid with paypal report it to them..

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    first of all your action should be..

    publish to everyone the identities of that cheat.

    Then complain about the matter to ......._____________

    then if nothing works cry

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    bad news, never buy electronic's equipments from net.

    always use ebay. maybe you should report to .... no idea... sorry

  • Lloyd
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    1 decade ago

    Cry alot.... then start using eBay. That sucks. I have no idea.

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