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Why isn't my page view number not changing?

I have just created my 360 account and I have comments and friends added, but my Page View number is not changing, it still says "0". Do I have to change something in the settings???

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    This counter software has conked for everyone, it seems. I havent had any hits, usually have dozens. Just imagine how that feels. Yahoo is defunct here.

    Would someone please tell them reliability is everything when your talking internet?

    I promise you, it is not at all just you and it is not at all just today.

    They seem to think counters are unimportant, but ask any blogger - - they are everything, they are the whole thing.

    Not just you . . . very, very big whole-site issue

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    The 360 team have been working on bugs and fixing them. Sometimes when one thing gets fixed something else gets out of whack. Yahoo! 360 is still a beta - expect things not to work right all the time.

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