Need info on M&M Scorpio?

Hi. Am thinking of buying a Scorpio CRDe Lx 2 WD. Need to know the following before I finalize..

1. Handling - Good, bad, great?

2. Fuel efficiency - in city with AC / on highway.

3. AC - is it effective?

4. How about stability at high speeds?

5. Any major problems encountered.

Would appreciate some honest appraisals.

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    1 decade ago
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    The new mahindra Scorpio looks amazing i havent driven it yet but i can give you info on the old one as my cousin has one and ive used it for sometime.Handling isnt very good at higher speeds but good enough for an indian car,fuel efficiency depends on driving methods the older ones gave about 10-14 but i heard the new crde is supposed to be very good.

    the ac is normal like most cars.

    i have not heard of any major problems except the rear seat legroom its very small and difficult and some factory faults with gearbox but very rare.

    it has good road presence in India and with bigger wheels and slight mods it can look very masculine.

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    1 decade ago

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you might want to try a FORD FUSION!!!!!!

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