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A few questions about the Bearded Dragon?

I was thinking of buying one but I need to know a few things first...

How much do they cost?

What do they eat?

What is a good size for its' habitat?

How much will it cost for it's habitat, including the sand, rocks and things you put inside it.

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    Beardies cost around 50-75, sometimes up to 150, depending on the color morph. They eat crickets, mealworms, waxworms (fattening), silkworms, etc. They can also be fed a pellet diet made specifically for them. The best thing to do with the pellets is to soak them in water prior to feeding so that your beardie gets water. They do not need a water bowl. You should give them a bath once a week so that they can soak their skin to encourage and improve their shedding and also get a drink if they wish. A heat lamp is essential, but do not get a heat rock as it can cause burns. A good size for a baby is a 20 gallon tank, but you will have to get a larger on as it grows so I would suggest no smaller than a 35-40 immediately so that you dont need to buy more than one. A habitat can cost anywhere from 50-300 depending on where you buy it. My best advice is to look in the classifieds for aquariums that people do not want, you can get ones for very cheap this way. Remember, it does not need to be watertight. Play sand, as found in home hardware stores is the best and cheapest substrate, as it is clean and they can easily pass it if they eat it without causing harm. Beardies eat a lot, so if you are going to feed it on crickets alone remember, this will be very expensive! They can eat up to 30 crickets a day in their first year of growing. Hope this helps!

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    they can be from $50 to $400. I got mine for 100 dollars. They eat mostly romaine lettuce, collard greens, mustard greens, carrots, grapes, apples, and crickets and waxworms and mealworms, but you dont have to feed that as often. A 40 gallon would be good, but you can still go with a 30. Thats the minumum. A 30 gallon tank can cost around 60 dollars, substrate can cost up to $15 depending on what kind and how much you get. He should have a piece of drift wood to bask on. Then can also go under it if they get scared. You also need a florescent strip light, UV light, and heating mat under the tank. DO NOT get a heat rock, because it burns there bellies.

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