A good trick the bridesmaids can play on the groomsmen?

We already know the groomsmen are going to play a trick on the bridesmaids (we dont know what)... any creative ideas for a harmless way to get them first? Thanks!!!

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    Find their cars. This is totally harmless but completely freaks them out. Get some heavy duty saran wrap. Make sure it is totally clear and really strong. Carefully stretch it out and write whatever you want on it with permanent marker. Then sneak it over (carefully) to their cars. Cover the windsheild with it, making sure to press out all the air bubbles and get it as straight and clean as possible. When they go to get into their cars it will look like someone has tagged their cars with permanent marker.

    Make sure you write on it before you put it on the car. It is a little harder this way but then you don't accidently tear it mark their windsheilds for real.

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    Please have enough respect for the bride & groom to avoid that! What a shame to ruin their wedding day with your shenanigans.

    You should let the groomsmen know that it's simply not okay to be playing tricks on their friends' wedding day, and that they should stop their plans now. You might be thinking it's all harmless fun, but really, the day is about the bride & groom.

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    Just before the right moment make him leave his room telling him that the bride would like to talk something very serious.

    Enter his room and remove all the dresses including the underwear

    from the place where he keeps them.Exit fast.


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    show up naked

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