Cramping from dieting?

I'm 22, 5'2, and weigh almost 300. I've been dieting all my life and nothing has worked. I'm trying a smaller portion, frequent eating type diet at the moment, and my chest/stomach are feel like they are seizing/cramping. It's not crampy like menstrual crampy, but it feels like the muscles are contracting for no reason. Is this stuff all linked?

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    The first question I have is, "Have you seen your doctor about your chest/stomach cramps?" The second question is, "What do you mean by dieting?"

    What are you eating, how much, etc.? What kind of exercises or activities do you do?

    It is very possible that your chest/stomach cramps are related to your heart. I would get that checked out by a doctor. This is the first priority. It could be related to diabetes or heart disease. This is something that you don't want to play around with.

    You may want to try some natural, herbal assistance with the addition of a protein shake and some vitamin B's and C to help you with your energy level.

    If you need further assistance, let me know.

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    First of all, if you have been dieting all your life without losing any weaight, you should go see your doctor. Second of all, having cramps because of eating in intervals is something normal. Do not worry about it. Your body needs food and you are forcing yourself not to have some, so it is making you cramp. I have seen very healthy (big) people who can't go without skipping a meal. It's all about your body's need for the intake of food. But I suggest you to see your doctor. Take care.

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    Adelle Davis has a discussion of how to control weight by optimizing one's diet in her book Let's Get Well. Reducing diets can cause multiple nutritional deficiencies that will give you some amazing cravings. If your diet does not nourish you properly you can develop all kinds of medical problems. I refer you to Adelle's excellent book for details and advice.

    Good luck!

    (Try some calcium-magnesium-zinc pills with each meal for the cramps).

    Source(s): Let's Get Well - Adelle Davis. Available on Alibris,com if you can't find one locally.
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    See your doctor about this.

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