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Since I'm EXTREMELY overweight, is it true that I could possibly die from trying to run or jog for exercise?

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    Its great that you want to jog.

    You should see a dr or at least call one that knows you well.

    You may need a heart rate monitor(watch). That way you can monitor how much you are stressing yourself and keep it intense, but healthy.

    You don't want to just "walk" that doesn''t do anyone any real good.

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    Hi Sweetie;

    First of all, pay NO attention to those who might be on here to make stupid remarks...

    As far as an exercise regimen goes... You do not state how old you are? Do you smoke? Do you drink alcohol or carbonated beverages? (Those two will deplete energy and rob the body of calcium too). Do you have any osteo (bone) problems? Have you ever had any cardiac problems? All these are very important issues that must be considered by a competant doctor before you start.

    As is getting a medical opinion on any major health issues or excercise programs.

    As always you should start slowly. And by walking only. (Be sure to turn your head and neck, and SWING those arms while you walk).

    See how far you can go each day before you are short-winded; or if your heart starts to palpitate or if your sweat excessively.

    Monitor your progress by taking your heart rate (beats per minute) before and after your walk.

    And then by writing it all down.

    Also note how long it takes for your heartbeat to go back to normal.

    Walk a little further each day.

    Use celery and carrots, apples and grapefruit as comfort foods. And absolutely deny yourself any bread products, be it noodles or white bread. If you MUST eat bread, please only choose one that is extremely high in fiber content. No pizza crusts either.

    And hon, we could all benefit from these simple tips; not only those of you that are overweight- so do not stress about it. You are not going to be a size 10 overnight, but you will be much healthier- and happier too- when you take those little walks.

    You will also build muscle tone, burn calories, and optimize your cardiovascular system! Again, this hold true for all of us!

    Take care, and God Bless.


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    Overweight people's circulation system may not be able to keep up with a sudden increase in demand for oxygen (i.e. extreme exercise, or if really, really, really, REALLY overweight, a simple jog), and could result in a cardiac arrest (extra blood required = extra heart contractions = increased probability of a heart attack). See your doctor about possible weight-loss solutions, and do not participate in extreme exercises unless you are well adjusted. The last advice applies to everyone else. Even a normal, fit person, can, on very rare occasions, suffer from heart attacks brought on by extreme exercises.

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    yes. if you overwork your body, especially when your body is not used to it, you can have a heart attack and die. you could also end up with other heart and health problems. I suggest you start out slow. maybe a few reaches and stretches a day and work yourself up to a few crunches on the floor while you watch tv. and remember to take in fewer calories than you burn! this might seem impossible at first but if you keep reminding yourself why you are doing what you are doing, it gets easier. read the label on everything. stay away from freezer dinners and snacks. do not take in more than 2000 sodium a day. do not eat trans fats. stay away from saturated fats as much as possible. have a tuna sandwhich. pick the fish over the hamburger. eat some graham crackers instead of cookies. drink water in place of half or more of your normal drinks. take some fiber. eat cereal-any time of day. eat some yogurt. take more vegetables at dinner than potatoes. drink some hot tea-not iced tea. this will cause a deficiency and your weight will start melting off. keep in mind that any form of weight loss takes time. if it does not, it is unhealthy and will not keep the weight off. eventually, you will work yourself up to being able to jog in place and even around the block

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    Yes, I would see a doctor before doing anything on the line of jogging or running. I would eat better things and try exercising in the water..Good Luck & God Bless!

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    You should see a doctor before trying anything new in the way of exercise.

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    Yes. Eat less and start out slow. See a specialist.

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    oh yes try laying off the midnight snacks. its for your health u know

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    I think you should not try to run,because i don't know if it leads to death.


    take care...

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    Well,how big are we talking here?;)

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