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My teenage daughter is 38 weeks pregnant. Can she be toxemic?

She has blood in her urine and protein too. Her blood pressure is normal. Her face is swollen and it hurts to swallow.


Her right side of her abdomen hurts. Her arms and legs hurt too.

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    Get her to a doctor immediately. If her OB will not see her (I'm sure she will) take her to the emergency room. She needs medical attention NOW.


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    I'm an ob/gyn nurse and you need to call her ob/gyn NOW!!!!!!!! Please let them know that she has blood and protein in her urine. The fact that her blood pressure is normal now can change in seconds. And if her face is swollen and it hurts to swallow she needs to be looked at ASAP as in NOW. If you have problems getting her in to the doctor or your daughter has difficulty breathing call 911 immediately. She needs to be seen IMMEDIATELY. CALL NOW. Good luck please keep me posted on her condition.

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    I seroiusly hope you are not still at home reading peoples answers. You need to get your daughter to her doc now. Don't take "sorry no appoinment available" for an answer. She must be see now. Good luck!

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    it sounds like she does have toxemia but since she goes to the doctor every week now i would tell the doctor.

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