Bermuda Triangle???????

is it true thats ships & aircrafts have gone missing in this area..... wot is d scientific factor behind?

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    The Bermuda Triangle encompasses an area with large deposits of frozen gas hydates. Normally these are stable under pressure under the sea bed but occasionally the pressure is released, most commonly after an undersea landslide (very common of the Mississipi delta). When the pressure is reduced, gas (methane) is released and travels to the surface. Simple physics will tell you that water with gas bubbles will not be as buoyant as ordinary water thus a ship travelling over an area where gas is being released is likely to suddenly sink.

    As for aircraft, the released gas gains an electrical charge as it rises through the water and at the point of emergence it causes localised magnetic disturbances which effect compasses and other electonic equipment.

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    They say that the people of Atlantis lived in this area and after they got drowned together with there city some of there inventions were also drowned these invention of theres are still creating a havoc in this region, the people of Atlantis were also known as the blue blooded people.

    A few people know this but antipodal, that is if you take a globe and Peirce a pin in the Bermuda region the pin that comes on the other side is called antipodal, the effects of the Bermuda triangle is also felt in this region and is known as the devils triangle ask any sailor he will know as these areas are out of bound to all and any ships and aircraft's

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    I have heard that the area considered the bermuda triangle is so large that if you tok the same general area of ocean anywhere on the world that it would have the same amount of mysterious crashes in it. In other words, there is no merit to the bermuda triangle myth. There is a large reef system near the island of bermuda that has been known to sink many ships before modern day ships equipped with sonar. This is just a very small part of what is considered the bermuda triangle though.

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    Bermuda Triangle! it maybe a surprising topic to the whole world.But the true is the ships & aircrafts which were missing they are for bad weather.The place was introduced by a writer(don't remember the name) who mixed frightening storied with the real incident for becoming famous.So i think the place is safe and you sould take the place easy.

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    what shall i do??i've got ripped off!bought Island Queen a one way ticket to Bermuda and she didn't go there and instead she had a make over! if that would change anything! :-(

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    Yes, I even know someone named June who is from there. It explains her mental state. lol

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    rogue waves, and if it can happen it will certainly happen to a few unlucky people

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    Dunno. Seriously. But it drives all the conspiracy nuts nuts.

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