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In Indian Railway reservation I booked the ticket with PQWL what is the meaning?

In Indian Railway i booked ticket for my Diwali Celeberation in my native place Journy Date 20th Oct2006.My ticket shows that it is PQWL no3.What is the meaning of Pooled Quto Waiting List and it what way differ from general waiting list.

Still 21 days to go may i get the chance of confirming my ticket.

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    A Pooled Quota Waiting List ('PQWL') is shared by several small stations in a particular region. E.g., Tiruppur, Salem, etc., share in the quota and wait list for some trains originating from Trivandrum or Mangalore. As another example, the 2723 Andhra Pradesh Exp. has three quotas, for Secunderabad - New Delhi, Secunderabad - nagpur, and Secunderabad - Bhopal. There is also a pooled quota for passengers travelling from Secunderabad to stations beyond Bhopal but short of Jhansi; if this quota is exhausted, a passenger is placed in the pooled quota waiting list. Such remote location quotas are also provided when there is a very strong demand for the train in question, because of which, without such additional quotas, all seats or berths might be fully consumed by passengers from the originating station leaving nothing available for those wishing to travel from intermediate points.

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    Pqwl Indian Railways

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    WL 52 means that Total Waiting Passengers for A Train & Class. WL 48 means that your Waiting Number Decrease to WL 48 As some of the Early Tickets Cancelled by The Passengers. There are some Chances to got Seat. Minimum You can get RAC SEAT(SHARING A SIDE SEAT with One Another People). Finally, you have to Watch Their List Till The Journey Date/Train Staring Date.

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    WL 52 - This is the waiting list serial number when you booked your ticket in waiting mode. WL 48 - This is your current waiting serial number on the date you checked. Since 29th Dec is couple of weeks away, it is very likely that your ticket will get confirmed.

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    Pooled Quota waiting list is for upgradation of your class of travel. For eg: you had booked ticked in sleeper class then based on availability your will be upgraded to the next upper class all subject to availability.

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    Is this PQWL will be upgrade or not,when some persons cancel their tickets....

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    its not the normal waiting list,,,, but its the waiting list related to class.. i mean,,,( oooh yeah ) you got the answer already,,,

    its the same as the other answer,,,, but the only thing he missed is,,,

    u have a berth booked for sure.... dont worry,,,, its only the class, that is to be sorted out,,,


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